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Your Hidden Superpower #4: BREATH

Do you know that your heart rate, blood pressure and respirations correlate with your emotions? If you’re angry, irritable or anxious, your heart rate is irregular, your blood pressure is elevated, and you are breathing in quick shallow chest breaths.

When you feel inspired, vibrant, and joyful, your heart beats regularly, your blood pressure evens out, and you breathe in slow, deep, belly breaths. That’s because your emotions send chemical signals to your organs, muscles and cells.

Your emotional state not only governs your health, but also changes your brain. When you are in higher emotional states your brain works better. You have inspired ideas and perform like a star! When you feel irritable, anxious or angry you fumble and mess things up. It messes up coordination and even makes you say things that are just plain wrong. If you want to do well on a test, perform at work, or get your kids to listen to you….you’d better be sure you’re in good mood!

So how can you shift your mood, change your brain and reverse aging??

Use this Mind-Body connection to your advantage and change your breathing to create a change in your emotions.

Try it:

-Relax your shoulders.

-Inhale a deep, s-l-o-w breath.

-Let your belly balloon OUT with the inhale and come back IN with the exhale.


Do this for 3 to 10 breaths whenever you notice you need a lift in your mood. 

Eventually, your body begins to naturally breathe this way and it becomes easier and easier to stay energized, clear and happyJ AUTOMATICALLY!!

Let me know your thoughts!!! I would love to hear how you’ve used this.

I had one patient who began using this every day before picking up her kids from school and they told her: “Mommy, you’re not grouchy anymore!”

I’ve also had patients completely repair broken marriages, just from gaining control of their physiology this way!!

This tool will add years to your life!!! Start now; you’re never too old to reverse aging.

Sending love!

-Dr. Kim

P.S. This makes you see everything differently, so do it even if you’re sure you’re right about being upset. Your cells will thank you!

P.S.S. Bonus: Do this before sleep at night.

You won’t believe how quickly this can reverse insomnia!!

Share your thoughts! XO



  1. Hi Dr. Kim – “shift your mood, change your brain and reverse aging” – leap tall challenges in a single exercise… breathing. Now that’s attractive!

    • Thanks, Alan! Yes, all in one awareness, your breath!


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