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Rave Reviews for Dr. Kim D’Eramo


Alice Webb

I just wanted to share with you how profound Dr. Kim’s work can be — though most of you know this already! I have had aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis for 8 years. I couldn’t walk, I felt cut off from myself and shut down and utterly miserable. I felt I’d had to let go of everything I loved. Sooo contracted! Within only weeks of doing Dr. Kim’s methods (EFT tapping for “not enough” is a life-changer for auto-immunity!) I have experienced a seismic shift. The arthritis has gone, I can walk (oh joy!) I have energy bubbling up from within, and a deep joy in my newfound life. Every day I wake up smiling! Thank you Dr. kim, thank you, thank you. – Alice Webb


My husband’s MS symptoms have improved.

“My husband has multiple sclerosis from the last 11 years and he has been feeling fatigued and low on energy as a result of the disease almost every day of the past 11 years . He has tried lots of allopathic pills in the entire duration with little or no help. He also has body ache and knee pain almost every evening. He has started doing the instant elevation technique for a week and he is already seeing results in terms of higher energy levels lesser pain in the body and his mood has also gotten uplifted greatly.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr Kim for sharing this wonderful technique.”

Dipty Savla | Mumbai, India


After watching one video, I felt something just clicked into place. Something changed inside of me. All you said just made my soul remember its truth. And who I was before I got sick. I have had the best week! From being bed-bound for a year, and today I was walking for 40 minutes and went to the hairdresser. The first two days I was so calm, the third day my mom pointed out that my eye-color had changed, then I felt very much anger for a couple of days. And today! Wow! I cant even remember all of my symptoms! Thank you, for speaking the truth, for reminding us that almost forgot what life is really about! – Ida G. from Oslo, Norway

Parul Doshi

“My anxiety is completely gone, I no longer have chronic fatigue, and my autoimmune illness is resolved!”

Arlene Broussard

I was depressed, felt tired all the time, and hadn’t worked out in months. I hated my job and was about to quit. Now, my relationship is thriving, I love my job and am doing hot yoga 3 times a week! Chronic injuries have healed and my body feels fantastic. This work seemed too good to be true, and it was even better! – Arlene Broussard

Andrea Perella

I had been on and off anti-depressants and medication for attention deficit for years. I was struggling with hormonal issues, hypothyroidism and an overall feeling of imbalance and depression. After this work with Dr. Kim, I am now off all antidepressant medications, and off medication for attention deficit. I am able to focus and enjoy my life in a way that I have not be able to in many many years! – Andrea Perella

Kate Miller

The lipomas on my body that doctors told me would never go away, created pain for years. After one coaching session, there is no pain and the bumps are 50% gone! My digestion is like a seven-year-old. I eat what I want and my body feels great and digests smoothly! – Kate Miller, Entrepreneur

Ellen Gosselin

“These tools helped me tremendously… I feel like a new person! I highly recommend this.”

Michele Colchin

“Everybody should experience this; I have never met anyone like [Dr. Kim].”


I have IBS and suffer with anxiety and constipation or tightening of my sphincter muscle…every morning before anyone gets up I do the pelvic breathing and the ABCs (the awake and breath and the choose) and the positive word thinking and it makes my whole day easier to handle and I am relaxed. – Marie


My anxiety is already decreasing and that is helping her (and of course, me). For example, this past weekend we were in Galveston Texas, on the beach. We rented a pedi-cab and pedaled ourselves up and down the coastline. She was in the drivers seat. We had to cross real traffic several times at the stoplight to get from one side to the other of the busy seawall. Ordinarily I would have been freaked out, and she would have been skittish. But guess what? I was fine, and she was confident, strong, and brave! – Joan N.


I wanted to share some great news! I had blood work done this past week and my lab results were much improved since February. I attribute this to my incredible doctor and to Dr. Kim and all that I have learned from her. Over the past three months, my anxiety has lessened and I now actually sleep at night (something I rarely did for the past 4 years). I am so incredibly grateful to you, Dr. Kim! I am also thankful to all the people that share their stories… knowing I am not alone is so helpful. My journey continues as well as my healing. 😉 Love to all of you! – Anne Wilin

Sharna D. Favuzza, Esq.

“It’s a life-changer. Had I not done this, I don’t think my marriage would have survived.”

Peggy Myers

“It blew me away… how powerful we really are in our own lives.”

I give you thousands and thousands of thanks. When I listen to a video from you I immediately get a powerful boost and my mood instantly [goes] from low to high. So when I feel depressed or down, I put my computer on and listen to a random video, my dark clouds disappear and BRING ME RAYS OF SUNSHINE! I (will) listen to your videos again and again until the last little cloud vanishes! Thank you Dr. Kim D’Eramo!

Your program is really fantastic. Your tools are wonderful. I really love how you support us and mentally motivate us TO USE the tools. Whenever something negative enters my mind, I immediately think about your tools AND I AM SO HAPPY, FEEL THE FUN OF CHANGING IT INTO POSITIVE. I listen very often to your videos, and most important I remember your tools in daily life, and I use them immediately. Instead of thinking this or that tool is not going to work, I use them without judging and I see immediate results. I repeat this over and over again in every situation and FEEL WONDERFUL. Anything negative melts like snow in the sun, and I feel like I’m sitting on a white cloud in the cozy sun, seeing and feeling how GOOD life is.

The key is repetition. Thank you for helping us see that LIFE IS wonderful, and all abundance of this life is always there, ready for us, all we have to do ourselves is to ENJOY LIFE. Thanks!!!

– Danny L., Mind Your Body Program

The first 3-minutes of a private session with Dr. Kim was more valuable than decades of therapy. – John Rowley

Sanja Zdjelar

“Her energy is infectious… it’s incredible. It’s been a huge blessing to have Dr. Kim in my life.”

Andrea Perella

“I do see a huge change… it trickles down, into your relationships and into your life.”

Clay Rives

Dr. Kim D’Eramo does incredible work! I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants to be more successful in life. Our work together led to huge advancements both in my personal and professional life. She is amazingly insightful and tremendous fun! – Clay, Entrepreneur

Love this!!! I was just seating in the awareness this morning of how much this work has healed my body. For 5 years I dug deep reaching for a cure outside of myself and and in just a few months I have never been so well, I just want to dump all the remedies I am taking but the mind of course says that is crazy my body says you just need to BE with me and dwell in the knowing all is well no matter what is happening in my finite reality!!!! xo – Lara Cathcart

I can’t believe how quickly this works on pain. Simple and so effective. – Donna Morrice

Sharna Dolan

This is amazing. My 4 year old’s night terrors have disappeared. Our communication has improved tenfold! I didn’t realize until now how my negative and chaotic energy was impacting my kids. Truly amazing work here! – Sharna Dolan, Attorney

Dr. Kate Zachau

“Working with Dr. Kim, I got to rewrite my story… that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Dr. Kate Zachau

“Two years later I’m still seeing the effects of this work, it is so far-reaching.”

Christie Vallance

I was having panic attacks daily for years. Severe 9/10 anxiety. I had to quit my job, and the anxiety diminished slightly but I was still 7/10 and I was wringing my hands daily. After this program, the anxiety is 1/10 if at all, and I’m loving my life. – Christie Vallance on MindBody Solution for Anxiety Program

Kate Zachau

I felt sluggish all the time, was depressed and was diagnosed with thyroid disease by my doctor. I was failing in my career and had just called off my engagement. After this work with Dr. Kim, everything changed. I no longer have thyroid disease. My energy is great and I’m exercising again. My career is absolutely thriving and I’m in my dream life. – Dr. Kate Zachau

Lisa Bishop

After visiting everyone from shrinks to acupuncturists without resolution, Dr. Kim figured it out right away, and resolved the years of difficulty breathing I’d been having. – Lisa Bishop, Celebrity Interior Designer

Kerry Robertson

I had never heard of Dr. Kim D’Eramo before February of this year. Since then my “muscle” to feel the energy has grown so much as I built my faith from RESULTS I kept getting receiving this awareness that my body knows how to heal by using these tools. It knows how to feel and release what was making me sick. The pain of staying where I was in life became greater than the “fear/pain” of trusting one more practitioner to assist me into more. She is legit, Mind/Body Medicine is the future of connecting us with the power within us, the body’s desire to be well. I was so unable to connect with my body when I started, and now… I so completely am able… so full of joy for the first time since I unlearned love as a toddler. I can’t keep silent about this work. I am so grateful I trusted my inner voice to find a way to work with her. Thank you Dr. Kim for your tireless patience in sharing these videos and proqrams! – Kerry Robertson


Dr. Kim, I just finished week 6 and the teleseminar was so powerful and so helpful in clarifying the details of the am and pm prescriptions and the value in doing them. I have been transformed by your program and all of what you have taught us, shared with us as well as what Mario has taught and shared! I feel such gratitude for what you have given me, such deep appreciation for you both and love for you and what you are giving to us all and to the world to help all evolve and grow into what we are meant to be. It gives me such hope for our planet, human beings and all beings here on Mother Earth. Peace, Love and Acceptance for all!!! Thank you from the deepest place in my heart, with tears rolling down my face, love you both, and love to all of you sharing in this program. – Laura, Mind Your Body Program


The work here has… allowed me to shift into connection with my heart, with my spirit…


“It has allowed me to live outside my head but in my heart.”

Liz Jutras

“I have come full circle… her energy is fantastic.”

I feel AMAZING today. I feel better than I have in a month and that’s after taking only 125mcg (of my thyroid medication); I’m usually at 150. Thank you! – Molly L.

I’m running again! I haven’t trusted my body in 3 years, before this I was a big runner. Since starting this program last Friday I’ve been running daily, and feeling happy! – Kimberly S.

When I stumbled upon Dr. Kim via Facebook, my life changed and I was hooked. I was suffering from severe anxiety and was unable to work or really take part in life. I started by watching Dr. Kim’s videos and then reached out. Her response truly touched my heart. I signed up for The Mindbody Solution for Anxiety, after a little backslide I found my pace and allowed the program to do its job. As each day passed the anxiety lessened and eventually I went from taking four prescriptions to just one and all my labs normalized. The Instant Elevation technique is what really resonated for me. Anytime, anywhere I can apply the technique and feel at ease. I am now living a life of expansion instead of contraction. Making the right food choices, exercising, meditation, running errands and being in social situations are now effortless. Even though I have not worked with Dr. Kim one on one; I still feel her support through emails, affordable programs, Facebook posts and videos. Thank you, Dr. Kim, for helping me to create an abundant, loving and peaceful life! – Alana Rogers

Kate Strong

I’m just listening to your Instant Elevation Course, I just did your exercise to anchor awareness video. Its so awesome. What I realized was how much I was in the future. So pulling it all back I felt such profound stillness. Like I never wanted to move from this spot ever again. I could stay in this place all day. And so funny because my dog couldn’t get settled, and when I finally allowed myself to feel the stillness, he laid down and relaxed, too. – Kate Strong

Alana Rogers

“I had severe anxiety and couldn’t leave my house. Now I’m off 3 of my medications, my relationships are flourishing, and I couldn’t be happier!”



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