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If you are ready to be FREE from disease instead of just managing your symptoms, there’s a way to open yourself up to healing.

  • Reverse autoimmune disease...
  • Increase your energy levels... 
  • End chronic anxiety and pain...
  • Get out of "fight-or-flight"...
  • Embrace Health, Prosperity, and Abundance...

The Instant Elevation Program will show you:

  •  Your AWARENESS is the key to your health
  •  Your BREATH directly activates healing
  •  Raising your CONSCIOUSNESS translates to chemical, cellular, and brain changes that restore health

You can allow your body to heal itself and end your illness and pain now.

During medical school, I developed a strange illness that threatened to destroy my life and my career. I had pain in my muscles and joints, migraine headaches, bloating, weight gain, and unrelenting fatigue. I was told by dozens of doctors that there was either nothing wrong with me, or that I would just have to live with this.

The harder I tried to heal myself, the worse I became!

Finally, a specialist from Harvard found that I had multiple severe allergies and a rare autoimmune disease. I would have to make multiple lifestyle changes and be on medication for life.

Deep inside I knew this did not have to be true for me.

That was the day when I stopped fighting my symptoms. I stopped asking "What's wrong with me?" and asked "What's right about this I'm not getting?"

I began applying the tools of MindBody Medicine in an entirely new way than I had ever been shown before.

Ten days later I was symptom-free.

This changed my entire practice of medicine.

Over the years, I’ve seen extraordinary things happen through this approach. Patients with autoimmune diseases such as adrenal fatigue or thyroid disease resolved all of their symptoms and stopped taking medication entirely! Patients with severe anxiety and depression no longer had symptoms. I’ve even seen countless patients with chronic pain and fatigue who were taking dozens of expensive supplements release pain entirely, get their energy back, and be able to tolerate normal foods again!

Even your DNA expression is affected by your emotions and the energies you hold in your body. 

This doesn’t happen through medications, supplements, altering your diet, being positive, or trying to heal yourself.

You hold the key to transmuting your health by activating your body’s natural healing capacity. 

I’ve helped my patients and clients change their body chemistry to reverse symptoms and end disease using specific tools that shifted their MindBody state. 

I’ve developed the Instant Elevation Program to assist you in receiving this level of health and wellbeing... effortlessly!

In the Instant Elevation Program, you will:

  • Develop and strengthen your inner healing power so you reverse pain, fatigue, anxiety, and illness.
  • Change your physical body to align with ideal health and wellbeing.
  • Have the tools to expand into further freedom, joy, health, and wellbeing whenever you notice symptoms.

And expand into much more...

By choosing YOU and saying Yes to this program, you’ll:

  • Increase your energy levels and end fatigue
  • Release the mental and emotional patterns that create dis-ease 
  • Allow your life to take on a whole new level of ease and simplicity 
  • Release anxiety and pain
  • Get off medication and supplements and stop searching 
  • Uncover the root cause of your illness and reverse it

Here's what participants had to say:

"This is the key to pain relief, whether physical, mental, or emotional."

Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog are GONE!

Anita Griffith

I found Dr Kim after 6 years of dealing with MS. I follow the law of attraction, mind body connection etc., but after years of “trying” nothing was making a difference! That isn’t the case with the Instant Elevation Program! It is AMAZING!! The tools are so simple and easy to implement, even if you are in chronic pain & dealing with disability. ​I have been​ in a wheelchair 90% of the time & can only stand/walk a few steps. The exercises in this program have had an amazing effect on my tight muscles!! My back/neck/arms…whole body was so tight I could barely move. ​Now... After 3 years of chronic shoulder pain (re-occurring frozen shoulder) I have a lot more movement in my right shoulder/arm, barely any pain and returning dexterity! My neck & shoulders are a lot looser as well! Chronic fatigue & brain fog are GONE! Back & stomach muscles are relaxed! This feels SO GOOD after years of constriction! Back pain nearly gone! I am now able to weight bare on the right leg (which was partially paralyzed) without locking my knee completely! I am shifting my weight through my hip muscles, which have not been firing correctly for years! I have feeling returning all down my right leg! My balance is returning! I no longer have tension headaches! I am walking more with my walker! I feel CALM, HAPPY, ALIVE, PAIN PREE! I am excited about my life! I haven’t felt this way in so long! I thank you Dr Kim, from the bottom of my heart... I AM ALIVE AGAIN! I have experienced all this in about 1 week - Absolutely AMAZING! Everything in my life has been flowing since starting these exercises! Thank you so much!

Anita Griffith

The Instant Elevation Program consists of 16 online training videos plus 3 recorded group calls to assist you in making this change.

16 Integration Videos

  • Transmute mental, physical, and emotional energies in your body that block health
  • Restore harmony to reestablish ideal health
  • Go beyond the mind: This is not new information to learn and master. These videos assist your connection within to allow health to flow easily. 

3 Recorded Group Calls

Recorded calls from my “Radical Health Group,” where I assist participants in moving beyond struggle into healing. 

  • Release Self-Improvement and Allow Expansion
  • Going from Mind to Heart: Letting Your Presence Heal Your Body
  • Effortless Receiving of Health and Wealth

All of the videos and calls come with unlimited access! There's no timeline to finish and you can watch them again as often as you like!

The Instant Elevation Program is based on the tools in my bestselling book The Mind/Body Toolkit. 

This program will assist you in opening to receive optimal health quickly and easily. Here’s what’s included:

  • 16 MindBody tools training videos
  • 3 pre-recorded group calls 
  • Access to my private Facebook Group to receive assistance
  • 24/7 Lifetime access to everything!

Put dis-ease, anxiety, and fatigue in the past, and move into your radiant, healthy future!

I’m excited about you experiencing health beyond what you’ve dreamed of and am eager to assist you in expanding into new possibilities!

-Dr. Kim and the team at the American Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Dr. Kim D'Eramo

You’ll learn how to:

Instantly increase your energy!

Use the power of your mind to create healing in your body

Restore gut and immune balance from within

End anxiety, depression and panic

Release the need for medications and supplements

Uncover the root causes of your illness and reverse it

Register for the Instant Elevation Program and get immediate access to:

  • ALL 16 training videos inside our private members area
  • 3 recorded group calls
  • Dr. Kim's private Facebook forum for assistance
  • 24/7 lifetime access to everything!

Here's what others had to say:

Arlene Petrush

“I was depressed, felt tired all the time, and hadn’t worked out in months. I was about to quit my job and break up with my boyfriend. Now, my relationship is thriving, I love my job and am doing hot yoga 3 times a week! I feel awesome and my body feels fantastic. This work seemed too good to be true, and it was even better!”

Arlene Petrush, Entepreneur

Andrea Perella

“I had been on and off anti-depressants and medication for attention deficit for years. I was struggling with hormonal issues, hypothyroidism and an overall feeling of imbalance and depression. After this work with Dr. Kim, I am now off all antidepressant medications, and off medication for attention deficit. I am able to focus and enjoy my life in a way that I have not be able to in many many years!”

Andrea Perella, Mom and Career Woman

Kate Strong

I’m just listening to your Instant Elevation Course, I just did your exercise to anchor awareness video. Its so awesome. What I realized was how much I was in the future. So pulling it all back I felt such profound stillness. Like I never wanted to move from this spot ever again. I could stay in this place all day. And so funny because my dog couldn’t get settled, and when I finally allowed myself to feel the stillness, he laid down and relaxed, too.

Kate Strong

Clay Rives

“This work eliminated overblown anxiety from my life and replaced it with confidence. The advancements in my business and my relationship are a direct result of this work. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get way more out of life.”

Clay Rives, CEO, Entepreneur

Join Today and Start Feeling Better Now! 

If you’re ready to have your life back – feeling vibrant, healthy and full of joy, and getting younger instead of older – register for the Instant Elevation Program and get started now!

Here's what you will receive:

  • ALL 16 training videos inside our private member's area 
  • Access to my private Facebook Group to receive support, have questions answered, and receive assistance with integrating this work 
  • 3 pre-recorded group calls
  • 24/7 lifetime access to everything!

All for only $197!

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