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Your Hidden Superpower #3: LOVE

I did a procedure in the ER last night on a patient who told me she had a “bad knee.” I immediately stopped the procedure and told her “We’re not doing anything here until you decide this is a good knee.”

She was shocked. “You’re right. I always call it my bad knee.”

“Well, it’s listening.” I said. The room froze as she realized that I was right.

I told her about recent research showing that our immune system and inflammatory cells are DIRECTLY impacted by our thoughts. Thoughts of being frustrated with your knee, (or back, or hip, or shoulder…) LOCALIZE the inflammation to that area.

“You can use this to your advantage to allow your body to heal.”

I helped her make peace with her joint, and send it some love. She tolerated the procedure VERY well…and it wasn’t infected.

She was AMAZED to realize how much hatred she’d been sending her knee, while at the same time spending countless hours and dollars trying to heal it.

Sounds to me like what’s happening endemically in our country. We’re ready to wake up and stop hating our bodies. We’re ready to see they’re not “bad” but just need some loveJ

Here’s one of my favorite tools for this:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the eyes.
  2. Tell yourself out loud (or even just silently) “I love you” and see what happens.

Can you say it? Can you say it out LOUD?

  1. How do you feel?…

That’s it.

Post here.

I’ve seen this bring people to tears, and I’ve seen this cure disease.

Practice. It’s hard. Do it anyway.

Get better at it so it’s easy. Keep practicing until it’s FUN…then do it every day.

I promise you, you can’t LOVE your body and get fat. You can’t LOVE your body and get sick. You can’t send LOVE to your body and grow cancer cells. Not at the same time.

So develop this skill!!

Start today by sharing here. If you’re not comfortable sharing the details, just say “I did it.” This exercise alone will change your health and life.


-Dr. Kim

P.S. I love your body.



  1. Great article Kim!!!

  2. NIce! This is the way medicine should go.

    • Thanks! Yes, there is so much more to medicine than we are typically taught. It’s my passion to share the whole story!


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