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Your body’s special powers

Many people think your body is just a physical, static structure. So if there’s a problem they think we need to deal with it at that level.

There’s no awareness that we are a connected whole and are much more than just the physical parts.

Most doctors still see the body as limited.

However, science has shown that your body is made of energy.

Your cells are made of molecules; your molecules are made of atoms; and your atoms are made of smaller parts that are pure energy.

As energy, your body has special “powers” you can tune into.

As energy, your body is connected with everything around you.

When you learn to interact with your body this way, everything changes!

You will perceive things differently, be aware of things you didn’t realize you could do, and know things you didn’t think you had the ability to know.

It seems very strange when we buy into the idea that the body is a separate, static, physical structure. There’s no way you could have awareness beyond yourself, or power that is infinite…

When we remember that our body is part of an infinite energy field, that allows this all to be much simpler and you realize YOU are the one who has been limiting your power!



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