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You can’t just push through depression

In my Embracing Health program, an amazing question came up this week: How can I embrace the darkest parts of myself without spiraling into depression?

It’s a powerful question with a simple answer.

So many times, we get a little resistant when we start to connect with ALL the parts of ourselves. With many of us, there’s a belief that we need to push ourselves to be positive to overcome these parts we don’t want to feel!

Instead, use this week to feel and acknowledge the parts of you that are incomplete. Release trying to feel “better” or be positive and be willing to fully witness these abandoned aspects of yourself. Where is there fear, grungy depression, anger, despair, or hopelessness?

Just WITNESSING these willingly IS what allows them to release. Unconditional acceptance is such a powerful healer!

Tell your past hurts, “I am here with you no matter how long it takes.”

When you stop making your feelings of sadness/despair wrong, you make space for healing to happen.

I made a video to share how this works…

Click here to watch the video.

Dr. Kim

P.S. If you want support during this journey of acceptance, I invite you to join us at the Pain Treatments That Work 3.0 Summit. I’ll be speaking to you about how to use MindBody medicine to end chronic pain and fatigue. Click here to learn more.



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