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Are you working “hard” in your coaching business?

I used to think I had to work hard and build my business before I could relax and reap the benefits. When I did my business this way, Life reflected that belief.

I had to work reeeeally really hard, and I didn’t receive much.

When I FINALLY got it that this will never work, I let it go, embraced EFFORTLESSNESS, and guess what?

Life opened up and Abundance began to flow.

This video will show you how to make this transition and STOP WORKING IT, so you start embracing the Ease, Freedom, and Joy you are really here for!

What have been your greatest struggles in developing your wellness-based business? Have you bought into the idea that you have to struggle? What have been the results?

REPLY below!

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  1. Dear Dr. KIM: Always so surprising, unique and inspiring! THANK YOU for persistently nudging us all into the EASY FLOW of LIFE!

  2. Yes, I noticed this ages ago. Every time I “bit the bullet” and chose the hard-working path, it turned out to be just tiring and did not bring any benefits.
    On the other hand, when I followed my inner intuition (and just worked at “easy pace”, almost feeling a bit “lazy”), it just worked perfectly ok.

  3. Hi Dr Kim,

    I am very moved by your video. You reflect my own very deep, ripening experience that pushing is NOT the way, i.e., Faster, Bigger, More, Repeat… I love your addressing the profound value of quiet, inward receptivity to one’s essence and the essence of one’s gifts. In my experience that kind of rendezvous with one’s own heart and deep inner listening is so vital as we make our individual ways.

    I am an author of an historical novel, inspired by a legendary eighteenth century healer and teacher of love that took well over a decade to complete, as family life, summoned me away from that work. I gave up but the book did not give up on me and kept calling me back. A work of transformative fiction, “The Tremble of Love: A Novel of the Baal Shem Tov” was finally published just a few months ago. Now, hardly a day passes without notes from readers telling me of the healing impact of this book and its timeless themes, of how it is leading them deeper into their own self-compassion and love for life and others, how it is inspiring them to reflect on what is truly important in their lives. The writing and offering of this book could only evolve and manifest as a result of the kind of “stillness, presence and patience” that you address in your heartfelt video.

    Thank you, Dr. Kim for being an example of what you teach and for the invitation and inspiration to meet ourselves in our own hearts and listen deeply when there.

    With love and gratitude,
    Ani Tuzman


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