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Why You Have to go DOWN to Come UP

We all want to feel GOOD, and sometimes, the idea of “being positive” can lead us astray.

Often, to release the shackles of grief, despair or any emotions we’ve stuffed, we must go DOWN into these places in order to be free.

To connect fully with ourselves and be more whole, we need to feel our emotions fully, rather than try to be positive or feel better.

This was one of the biggest lessons in my recent group retreat, “Effortless Receiving.”

When we fully connect with our despair, depression, or grief, the buoyancy of our true nature elevates us automatically, without trying. Instead, we often try to avoid the negative to get to the positive.

We try so hard to reach the elevation of feeling “up” when we haven’t allowed ourselves to surrender to the “down.” All we are being asked to do is connect with ourselves more fully, stop distracting, let everything come up and find that still space to be with it. Guidance and awareness follow. This enables us to receive everything we desire effortlessly!

When we struggle, we’re not in the HARMONY that allows us to receive ideal health. Feel into the ways you’re trying to force something to happen and go the opposite direction.

This is where the shift can occur! When we meet the emotions that exist and surrender into them, we allow our true nature to express itself. Then, feeling good and receiving all we need comes effortlessly.

Dr. Kim



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