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Why You Don’t Have the Relationship You Want

You can’t have vibrant health and a fulfilling life without loving relationships.

If you want to be in love and share your deepest self in a passionate relationship, but can’t figure out how to make that happen, or worse, you think it’s not possible to have a fulfilling relationship like this…

You’ve GOT to watch this!

A few years back I had lots of trauma/drama in my relationships. For years I just couldn’t get it right! There was monumental disappointment, heartbreak, and despair, until finally I woke up and realized the ONE thing I had total control of that would make all the difference in my relationships…

There was a key I discovered that empowered me to transform my relationships and is the reason why I am now with the man of my dreams.

You can turn your body into a LOVE MAGNET! –attuned to exactly the kind of relationship you want!

I made a video to share with you exactly what I learned that made all the difference!

XO Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Dr. Kim

P.S. I wish you the love of your life every day…



  1. Hi Dr. Kim
    I needed this today. Awareness, Breathing and choosing with love … What a game changer!!! Thanks again and Happy Valentines Day !


    • Thanks so much, Crystal. I’m so happy it’s useful for you! It is all about awareness, isn’t it?


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