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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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When you release too many emotions…

Have you ever decided to make a change, then felt like “all hell broke loose?”

  • being filled with fear and anxiety
  • tension and pain
  • things falling apart
  • getting angry it’s not going your way….?

These are all part of what happens when we choose growth.

It can feel like things are falling apart, when they are actually coming together!

I’ve had this happen MANY times, and HERE is what’s really going on. (Watch below!)

When you release old emotions of fear, or old beliefs about lack, and you expand into more, Life will always meet you.

The first thing that happens is:

all the crystallized emotions that were stuck way down deep, come up!

(It doesn’t feel great.)

THIS is the most amazing time of “calibration” and your body knows what to do!

This is the time when most people freak out, scramble for medications or supplements to turn off the symptoms, change their diet, or spend thousands of dollars on medical advice.

It’s also the pinnacle moment when your body’s wisdom “kicks in” to do the work for you.

There is nothing you need to “do” during this time.

Rather, find a way to “be” with what you are going through.

When you feel the emotions and energies, and allow them, this will move very quickly.

In this video, I share with you an EFT sequence I like to use during periods like these!

Try it!



  1. Excellent entry video & so helpful for me specifically dealing with the release of crystallized emotions from decades earlier. Do I need to identify those crystallized emotions as often their intensity comes up without a name such as ‘fear or anger’? I just feel depressed energetically and my abdomen feels bloated with some kind emotional energy. And do you sit with the emotionAL energy for as long as it takes i:e hours, to release? I don’t involve myself with other activities until the shift has occured.

    • Hi Cynthia and welcome! These answers would be best during a one-on-one consultation with me. Please see the details here.

    • Cynthia, the release can happen in an instant. Sometimes, there is a minute of being present to the emotional energy (your presence allows the energy to move because you’ve ALLOWED it. Allowing is a lighter frequency, so makes space for what is.) Sometimes, it’s a few minutes.
      The depth of your PRESENCE, not time spent, is what allows a swifter shift.
      More willingness to allow is what allows a swifter shift!


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