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When it seems impossible….

“Where your attention goes is where your energy flows.” This is one of the 7 principles of life in the Hawaiian Huna tradition and it has a lot to do with MindBody Medicine.

HERE is how I used it recently to break through what seemed impossible.

Your attention is your most powerful mental faculty. When you develop the skill to use it to channel your energy, you invite health, wealth, and prosperity with ease.

It makes it so there’s less for you to take care of and worry about, and more stuff that gets handled for you. So many of my patients and clients are worrying about the “how,” of life:

-“How do I get well?”

-“How do I lose weight?”

-“How do I get happy?”

-“How do I get out of pain…”

…when these are not things they need to handle.
They’re trying to micromanage their health, relationships, diet, money and life…when all that does is cost them energy and effort. (Try it. It’s exhausting!)

Instead, put your focus on WHY and WHAT:

-Why do I love having a healthy, fit body?

-What is it like to live in harmony and peace?

-What do I get to do and be when I live my ideal life?

-Why is this so valuable to me and to the world?

-What do I really want from my life now?

When we change our focus of attention, we connect with the Source of energy that creates and sustains us, and the “how” takes care of itself!

Your body’s wisdom already has the “how” handled, and it’s guided by your attention. Will you allow yourself to keep your focus on what you DO want…even when it seems impossible?

The other day the impossible opened up to me when I was willing to hold out the possibility for more.

It’s simple, but demonstrates the possibilities that open right before your eyes when you open for more even when it seems like there’s no more available for you.

Blessings, and please share your comments!!

What do you think is impossible for you that your inner heart is crying out for? What roadblocks seem to exist that you are willing to see beyond?

Here to support you.

Love, Dr. Kim


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  1. I loved all your videos, I have anxiety and fear, health and digestive issues, just watching and listening to you relaxed me, I will start paying attention to my thoughts and to my body more and more now.
    Thank you so much, I am going to buy your book to learn more.


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