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What to remember when you’re in FEAR

“The presence of FEAR is a sure sign you are relying on your own strength” – A Course in Miracles

Noticing fear and anxiety can be a part of our awakening. Our ego tells us that we are supposed to be able to heal our body. But, YOU cannot heal your body. YOU can’t fix your fatigue. Not in the way you think. It is not up to YOU.

“Trying” to fix your illness using mind over body will only make it worse. You need to open to allow something to come through you. Then, you can see rapid healing.

If you are having anxiety, fear and uncertainty and you think, “ this is not ok”, you end up going into fight mode. You TRY to be more in control by learning more, doing more, trying to be more disciplined.

Instead, let fear be your wake up call. Let it be the sure reminder that Freedom is FREE! It is not up to you! Fear is evidence that you have bought into the idea that you’re on your own. This keeps you from having the health and abundance and the freedom that you are meant to have.

It is up to each of us to open and receive our own awakening.

If you are in fear, it is a sure sign you are relying on yourself and forgetting that you are connected to Source.


P.S. What fears are you ready to leave behind?



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