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Is WANTING to heal keeping you sick?

Is WANTING to heal keeping you sick?

The more we are ATTACHED to healing as an outcome, the less we will heal.

The more we focus on connecting with WHOLENESS and Pure Love, the more healing happens automatically.

One of the things that most keeps us from our health is ATTACHMENT.

We can be attached to our desire for money, love or success, and this dynamically blocks us from receiving it.
Why? Because the attachment holds us SEPARATE from that outcome. It’s like we’re believing in the lack of it more than connecting with the Truth that we ARE abundant!

One of the hardest places to release attachment is when we desperately want to feel better.
Instead of embracing and accepting whatever is, we strive to get what we want and BLOCK healing from occurring.

When we’re willing to release our agenda, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Why does attachment to our own agenda so powerfully block healing??

Identifying with our individual singularity, or separation, DISCONNECTS us from the higher Truth that we are INFINITE; we are ONE with all things.

Attachment to the agenda of the small-self brings us further into this disconnection, and thus AWAY from the Source within which brings healing.

I invite you to be willing to release the attachment to healing.
Just let it go!

Now, the ego and fear will tell you: “That will surely make things worse! I can’t allow that!”
-and it’s a lie.

Anything that brings us further into alignment with ease, fluidity, and non-attachment brings us closer to Pure Love and the essence of who we are.

This IS exactly what health stems from.

-Dr. Kim

P.S. If you’re ready to expand into the Infinite Possibilities available, I will assist you.
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