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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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Want to turn off your triggers?

If you haven’t heard of EFT Meridian Tapping, you will be hearing more about it soon!

After my recent talk in the Tapping World Summit, I’ve had hundreds of people reach out to tell me they’ve already had results with decreased anxiety, ending pain, and renewed energy levels.

One of my private clients, who had experienced severe anxiety and depression told me:

After a private session I no longer had cramps or crankiness with my period. My PMS symptoms were gone! -Laura N.

In fact, I’m so enthusiastic about using EFT Tapping in my MindBody Medicine practice, I’m even teaching other doctors how to use it in their practice.

A lot of people reached out to me after the summit to learn more about how EFT Tapping works and what the science behind it.

Stay tuned for more EFT Training coming up…



  1. Kim, I’ve been doing EFT since 2008 and it has helped tremendously. I do have issues I can’t seem to overcome and one of them is IBS fear induced. When I’m experiencing something that really scares me it flares up. And another one is I’m very sensitive to noise – at times it’s like a nail being driven into my skull – might be misophonia as noise and gum chewing, eating with mouth open drive me to an intense anger. If you have any advice I’d appreciate it. Thanks

    • Hi! Thanks for reaching out. We could certainly do a private session to get to the bottom of this and release what’s at the core of these issues. I’ve had lots of people resolve IBS using the work I do. The noise issue we could address as well.
      I will include a link if you would like to connect with me personally, identify what’s at the root of this, and create a plan to resolve these issues.
      If that interests you, HERE is the link to get an appointment on my schedule!

      -Dr. Kim


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