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The power of negative thinking

If you’ve ever thought you needed to be more “positive” and not so “negative,” your struggle is over.

You do not need to escape or avoid your negative thoughts or feelings. Trying to do so gives them more power than they deserve.

Why? When we get caught up with avoiding our negative thoughts or feelings we actually enhance them.

“What you resist persists.” -Carl Jung

You are not your thoughts, feelings, illness, or symptoms and trying to think “positive” is only going to drive you crazy.

Instead, connect with the Infinite Power that you truly are.

It won’t make sense to your mind…

You will think you don’t know “how”… and all of that is poop. 🙂

You ARE an infinite being with infinite potential, so when you feel totally “stuck” and contracted, that is the perfect time to remember this!

Our greatest pains are our greatest teachers.

I like to ask:

“How is this pain growing me into something greater?”


“What would it take for me to embrace ALL of this and open now?”

Then I’m not resisting the pain, I’m just experiencing it.



  1. Your teachings are liberating. Love your videos. Wish you lived closer to San Diego. Thank you.

    • So glad you are here and that you enjoyed this! Did you know that I “see” patients all over the world? Please contact my assistant to learn more at

  2. Love what you have to say.
    Love your energy. Love you! Thank you for the work you are doing to bring Energy Medicine forward into the world….

    IAm the Presence that is witness to all these thoughts and feelings that I have ( up until now) named and claimed as my own.
    From the broader perspective of my Infinite Beingness I have to laugh out loud at myself in a loving and compassionate way…..Laughter after all is the best medicine, dissolving all that polarity, up-tightness angst and anguish. I smile like a contented cat and my body purrrs…..Thank you.

    • So glad you are here and that you enjoyed this!

  3. Dear Dr. Kim,

    This precious video came at exactly the right time for me. I am always trying to move from negative thoughts to positive ones, and now that I think of it, it is kind of exhausting. I love this and it will become my mantra.

    All my love,


    • So glad you are here and that you enjoyed this!


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