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Stop Being “Busy” and Let Healing Happen!

“How are you?”


…if this is a conversation you’ve had too many times, WATCH THIS!

So often the mind will tell you that you are too busy. Too busy to go for that walk or to do something that your heart is calling for. It will trick you into thinking that if you slow down, things might fall apart or you won’t be ok if you just let yourself be.

But, this is a lie…

You already have everything you need to be in serenity and ease.

You just have to be willing to have the courage to choose to move into serenity and let everything else fall away. Then, the myth of busy-ness falls away and you find you already have everything you need.

-Dr. Kim

P.S. What are you letting keep you so busy?



  1. Thanks!!❤

  2. I am letting my issues with food, digestion and weight loss occupy my mind.
    Sometimes not easy to ignore what is.
    I am working on this.
    Any suggestions !
    Thank you for your CONSTANT support ! ❤️

    • Hi Gail. It isn’t about ignoring “what is”, it is about accepting what is. Can you allow your issues with food, digestion and weight to come up and really feel into that with love and compassion for yourself?


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