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The Power of Open-Hearted Living

We are currently experiencing a massive heart-opening on a collective level. The 4th chakra of our bodies is being activated. That means we’re all beginning to FEEL EVERYTHING more fully. There’s no more space for suppression. You may experience this as rushes of grief, pain, or fear rising to the surface with the slightest of things. You may also be experiencing inexplicable tears of love, joy, or lightness. When the heart is open, we register information on a higher level. We’re able to see the meaning of things, have insight into what choices to make, and connect with others on a much deeper level. It repatterns our brain and nervous system and affects every area of our bodies.

This IS unity consciousness, where we no longer perceive ourselves as separate. It can be challenging to integrate this, since the ability to feel everything means we will suffer if we continue to hold judgment, fear, or lack about what we are experiencing. Join me LIVE for today’s episode of MindBody TV to learn how to allow your heart to open fluidly and experience the magic that is in you!



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