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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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Oprah says “When I EMBRACED illness, I miraculously healed!”

One of my mentors, Byron Katie, had suffered terrible anxiety and depression for years, before an experience of deep surrender that changed her life.

Since then, she experiences “no suffering” but instead feels deep love and compassion for everything that arises.

She shares her story with Oprah and guides Oprah to release judgment about her body, so she too can experience greater freedom.

In this video, Oprah shares an experience where she experienced severe illness, only to remember to release resistance. This allowed her to spontaneously and unexpectedly heal.

This approach very much reflects what I experienced when I had a years long autoimmune illness with chronic pain and fatigue.

I didn’t know “how” to do it, but found my way through. When I EMBRACED my symptoms and my experience, my body healed very quickly.

This is the premise for the Embracing Health program.

If you are ready to experience this for yourself, JOIN ME starting in April!

HERE are the details for the Embracing Health LIVE program with me.—

I welcome any questions and look forward to assisting you personally through this journey!

-Dr. Kim



  1. I love this video, Dr. Kim! It really resonated with me. It’s so much like what you teach us.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    Patty Schroeder

    • Thanks Patty!

  2. today, I did Q&A on Dr Kim’s site and realise I subconsciously live a perpetual victim belief and ordered the program to change that. Now listening to Oprah talk with Katie Byron l hear ‘a truth’ I recognise and forgot : my thoughts and resistance create ‘disease.’ I feel uplifted by a renewed understanding of what I resist persists and until I stop I will continue to create grief in loss of place and purpose. On May 8 I am stepping into 70 years on Earth. Reflecting on all that time and numerous opportunities I have honoured my ability and potential which hit hard and I felt depressed. Today I feel I can change all the victim patterns and enjoy a creative future and contribute to others.

    • Wow Christine. Just becoming aware is HUGE! This is amazing and thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Wow this is great ! Thank You !
    “I don’t believe my stressfull taughts” This is a ha ha moment for me !

  4. I want to share with you an extract from a novel, The Enemy, by Lee Child, author of many books that feature his unique main character, Jack Reacher.
    In the story Reacher at 30 years of age and his two year-older brother, Joe, have come to Paris from the US to visit with their ailing mother who is in her early 60’s. She has just informed them for the first time that she has a metastasized cancer that was found out about two years ago. The two sons, particularly Joe, are shocked and disappointed to find out that she had not chosen to go in for conventional treatment.
    The scene is over lunch after having heard the mother’s explanations of how she considered what to do and why.
    “Won’t you miss us, Mom?” he [Joe] asked.
    “Wrong question,” she said. “I’ll be dead. I won’t be missing anything. It’s you that will be missing me. Like you miss your father. Like I miss him. Like I miss my father, and my mother, and my grandparents. It’s a part of life missing the dead.”
    We said nothing.
    “You’re really asking me a different question,” she said. “You’re asking, how can I abandon you? You’re asking, aren’t I concerned with your affairs anymore? Don’t I want to see what happens with your lives? Have I lost interest in you?”
    We said nothing.
    “I understand,” she said. “Truly, I do. I asked myself the same questions. It’s like walking out of a movie. Being MADE to walk out of a movie that you’re really enjoying. That’s what worried me about it. I would never know how it turned out. I would never know what happened to you boys in the end, with your lives. I hated that part. But then I realized, obviously I’ll walk out of the movie sooner or later. I mean nobody lives forever. I’ll NEVER know how it turns out for you. I’ll never know what happens with your lives. Not in the end. Not even under the best of circumstances. I realized that. Then it didn’t seem to matter so much. It will always leave me wanting more.

  5. I have experienced this feeling when my mother died, I was very happy for her and the rest of the family did not understand my feeling. I also am feeling this way about many other things in my life.


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