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Natural trauma release

I was recently speaking at an osteopathic medicine conference in California. One of the presenters from Italy shared about the natural processes of the body to release trauma. She mentioned that the biggest thing that gets in the way of this process is our own inhibitions.

You see, trauma gets stored in the “reptilian brain.” That’s the part of your brain that takes care of automatic responses (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing).

It’s below the level of consciousness. You don’t understand it and it’s not “rational.”

When your body is ready to release trauma and stress, it can do this automatically.

However, when that process happens we can consciously inhibit that and hold back our natural healing response.

If you ever notice yourself crying for no reason, shaking in your body, or feeling something without knowing why….you’re witnessing your body’s healing response!

It’s okay you don’t understand why you feel sad, angry or fearful.

It’s not okay if you hold back the tears simply because you don’t know why they’re flowing.

Letting go so your body can release it is all that’s needed.

I would love to hear your thoughts, post your comments below!



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