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Are Medications Bad for Self-Healing?

I am often asked whether medications are “bad” when we’re practicing MindBody Medicine and inviting self-healing.

There are also many in my community who have shared a fear or wrongness about conventional medical treatments and testing.

Here is a very important thing to remember when you’re merging the worlds of “conventional” and “alternative” approaches to health…

It can save your life!

-Dr. Kim



  1. Great video. Very helpful for what I’m going thru right now. Thank you Dr. Kim.

    • Great! Thank you Terri!

  2. I’ve been watching your you tube, I’ve been dealing with pain and anxiety, but haven’t had any success. How can I move forward and live like I was meant to in peace and joy

    • By accepting and just allowing the pain and anxiety to BE without trying to “fix it”. What you resist persists.


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