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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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How to Listen With Your Whole Body

I told you this week in my blog about your body’s ability to create solutions…even to your most difficult challenges and stuck points. (They’re in there, believe me!)

I’ve seen it time and time again, when patients have been suffering for years with illness, depression, anxiety and pain.

There’s a new way, and it starts with this video.

Looking forward to hearing about what happens!
-Dr. Kim

P.S. Share here!!! I’ve heard so many comments from people that they love my blogs, my videos and my posts, and I want to know WHAT you love, and how you’re using it!



  1. Hi I really want these Tapping Solutions free videos but it won’t accept my user name (my email)I even went to edit and put it in again. Please HELP! Thank You. Susan
    Ps I used the password you gave me. TappingKids
    I also tried varieties of my email and susan and all caps.
    I am having a terrible time contacting you. All my emails have been returned. PLease check your website and email address. Maybe one of us is hacked

    • Susan,
      I am so very sorry to be just responding now, or if you haven’t received a response from my team regarding this.
      I’m just now getting to all the comments made on my posts!!

      I DO, however, want to be sure you get the resourced you are looking for.
      I have alerted my assistant about this, and the videos will be all ready so you can just enter your information and get right in.

      I apologize for any delays here, as I care deeply about parents getting this content I created.

      You can contact me directly at:, and will be able to get me directly.

      Blessings, and please let me know how I can support you.
      -Dr. Kim

  2. Scary. This magnet exercise is not for me!

    • ​What came up? If it doesn’t feel right, choose other tools, however, it may be interesting just to get information from your body about what came up with this exercise.​

  3. Very Nice video … Really it’s amazing way for awareness in communication.

    Thank you very much DR KIM’S


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