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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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There is still space to join me!

There is still space to join me!

We begin NEXT WEEK for my 5-month live program “Embracing Health!” This program has already gained momentum as participants have been sharing in the Facebook group.

It’s inspiring to see everyone so open and willing to receive what they need so that they can heal. So often it’s not about DO-ing more, but rather, releasing what we think we need to do and what we think needs to happen in order for us to heal.

There can be so many CONCLUSIONS about illness, pain, the body, and symptoms we have, that the MIND gets involved and creates all kinds of chaos and limitations!

If you’re ready to go beyond that and OPEN TO NEW POSSIBILITIES, JOIN ME HERE!

Here is some of what my clients have shared…

“This work has had an incredible impact on my overall well-being. After years of irritable bowel symptoms I now have a healthy digestive system and back, my energy level is through the roof!”
-Robert G.

“As a retiree, this has changed my health. I see my arthritis pain subsiding, I’ve lost 10 lbs, with just my body feeling love. I’m so grateful to you.”
-Jeanne McCarthy

“I’ve been sleeping so well, and today I feel so well! This work is making a huge difference in my life. Thank you so much!”
-Barbara Eckhaus

“I no longer have Lupus! I no longer need to take supplements or avoid foods, because my body is in a space of wellness.”
-Lara Cathcart

If this program speaks to you, I invite you to invest in this experience and JOIN ME!

I look forward to assisting you through your expansion!

-Dr. Kim

P.S. We start next week!
HERE is the link for more information and to register.



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