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Is Defeat Sweeter than Victory?

We tend to think we’re in charge of our choices, but science shows us otherwise.

We’re basically living in constant submission to our emotions. Our emotions determine everything we do, say, and choose, and literally create all the outcomes of our life.

Ever tried to change your behavior without addressing your emotions first? Willpower may work for awhile, but inevitably, the old behaviors will return.

Why? Because our emotional state (even when we’re not aware how of we feel) drives our every move.

A recent study from Cornell University directly ties your eating habits to your emotional state.


What if you could shift your emotions…instantly? Without trying.

I’ve learned an amazing MindBody tool that allows you to do exactly that!

I’ve been studying it intensely for years and am teaching other ER doctors internationally!

Stay tuned, because I’m going to be offering a program where I will teach this, and show you how to use it to create all the outcomes you really want… with ease!!


Dr. Kim



  1. This is what I want. What I am choosing, right now.
    I know I’m feeling anxiety that I’m not tapping out of myself. I’m not choosing to. I’m not choosing to meditate each day – tho when I do I feel wonderful.

    • Continue to come into your heart and listen to your body. It will guide you.


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