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If you doubt healing could be this easy

I recently had someone on one of the Facebook pages for my online programs ask me:

“Isn’t this too good to be true? How can I heal that easily? I’ve been in pain for so long.”

In this video I walk you through an EFT Tapping series to release that inner doubter!

Whether it’s because:

  • you’ve been sick for so long and are so frustrated
  • everyone in your family has this problem…
  • you’re disappointed nothing has worked, or
  • you just can’t believe life could be that good and no one’s told you until now…

I’m here to tell you:

Your body CAN heal!

I’ve seen way too many people go beyond the bounds of conventional medicine, connect with their body’s wisdom, and overcome illness, that I no longer am afraid to think too big.



  1. This is sounds so true and is such an encouraging path to take x Thank you, will persevere !

  2. Thank You!
    However it does seem strange that to erase doubt we replace it through our mouth with doubtful, negative words. For me to become a mindful person; I had to be mindful of my words to self and others. A little strange that being doubtful to self, with doubtful words will allow recovery. Clarify!!!

  3. Love how you used the word ” in doc trinated” So true.
    Love your videos Dr Kim! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you for caring and sharing. I am looking forward to a better digestive system


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