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How Your Energy Can Hurt Others

Do you know that your body affects everyone around you?

This is a HUGE leverage point if you want to make serious changes in your life like making more money, being disease-free, having a career you love, and having harmony in your relationships.


Everyone around you is responding to your energy.

BUT…most of us are not aware or conscious of the energy we hold in our body.

That’s why it seems like life is happening to me.

This is nowhere more true than with our kids.

Our kids entrain to our energy field. Even the thoughts, beliefs, and energies that we’ve never been aware of can harm our kids.

They can develop physical illness like frequent colds and flu (due to immune imbalance,) belly pain and digestive problems, and things like anxiety, panic attacks and behavioral disorders.

Now, before you go and blame yourself for doing something wrong (which would just make things worse!) just receive this information, and empower yourself to make a change! It’s easy.

Get more conscious.

HERE’s a video where I show you how to increase your awareness and release old energies easily!

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-Dr. Kim



  1. HI Dr. Kim, I have been following you for about a month. Your content is great! I was attracted to your ‘stuff’ by way of your branding…’Mind Body Medicine’. I am a huge believer in the communication that happens between mind and body, albeit energy, emotion, etc. As a hypnotherapist, my work has focused on this vital importance for a number of years.
    I love this post about ‘our kids’ and conveying the right (loving, calm, caring) energy to them. I couldn’t agree more!! We have a huge responsibility to take care of ourselves (manage our stress levels, shift our behavior through our own awareness, etc) knowing that it’s filtering down to our little ones. I became interested in this process about 18 years ago while first studying hypnotherapy. I had a huge AHA moment of my own experience in taking on my Mother’s anger as a child. She had gone through a bad divorce and was bitter and angry. I could not figure out why I was such a pissed off kid until I became aware of ‘Mind Body Energy’ and that I had just ‘taken it in’ from her. NO blame, just what is. Once I got it, I’ve been using practices to release and no longer hold this negative energy. It’s wonderfully cleansing and therapeutic. I very much appreciate the work you are doing!! Thanks again. ~De’Anna

  2. Gemma is adorable!!! Thanks for the videos, Dr Kim :o)


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