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How to Stay Fluid Through a Global Transition

We are in the process of a great awakening in consciousness. We are transitioning from a consciousness of fear, where we see ourselves as separate, we see the body as static and purely physical, and we see illness as a threat we must fight against. We are moving into the consciousness of unity, where we are fully aware that our bodies are first and foremost VIBRATIONAL and that we are connected with all beings everywhere. This will greatly change the way we look at health and illness and the way we perceive our world.

During this global transition with Coronavirus, there is great fear arising. Mobs of people are running out to load up on food and toilet paper, not knowing what tomorrow holds. How do we allow this to be a part of our expansion beyond fear, instead of one more reason to continue to stay in survival and “fight-or-flight” mode?

Join me for this week’s MindBody TV to explore how to move fluidly through this intense time, allowing it to deepen your love and connection with others instead of bring you further into fear.

After watching this video, here’s my question for you:

  1. What do you feel right now, when you tune into your body?
  2. What happens in your body when you breathe into it and keep breathing?
  3. Ate you willing to live this way, with an open heart, sensing instead of stuffing?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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    1. Thank you, Kim. I deeply appreciated your message and had a number of ‘OMG! Of course!’ moments throughout your talk. When you said the body knows how to do this, I felt a sense of relief. And when you discussed how being present doesn’t mean escaping fear, it means saying yes to the fear and then transmuting it, I felt the truth of this. Thanks from Australia x I feel much calmer.


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