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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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How to Reverse Pain in 3 Minutes

If you’ve lived with chronic pain, you understand that this can destroy your life. Not only do you have pain, but there’s so much frustration trying to get better; you’re exhausted from dealing with it.

Here’s an amazing MindBody tool called “EFT Tapping” that I’ve used with patients in severe pain to reverse it… sometimes in just a few minutes! Literally!!!

This works great to get to the root cause of long-term pain, even if it’s been there for years!

Sending Love,

Dr. Kim



  1. Thank you so much Dr. Kim. I love your videos.

    • You’re so welcome! I love sharing what has helped myself and my Radical Health Coaching clients. It’s so empowering to be able to heal yourself!

  2. Yours was a tad wordy for efficiency minded old me, but it was the best eft video I ever watched and for this I am very grateful to you, Dr. Kim. If I could control your emails to me to once a week I would be happy.

    • Hi Mary!
      I am sorry for the delayed response here. I am just getting to all of my posts and comments now.

      I do hope my schedule of mailing is working out for you.
      I typically mail twice a week and that’s what most people have been wanting. I’m fine with you deleting one and tuning in weekly 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback on my EFT video. I am so grateful you liked it.
      Please let me know any ways I can support you more fully, and THANK YOU for tuning in and commenting!!
      Love, Dr. Kim

  3. how tapping can be used for prolapse and stomach discomfort

    • Hi Maria!
      I am sorry for my seriously delayed response!! (I’m just getting to all of my comments now to respond.)
      Thank you for your comment on my post. I love feedback and questions.

      YES! Tapping can be used for prolapse and stomach discomfort.
      (Not sure specifically what type of prolapse you’re referring to, however, it is useful for any physical impairment.)

      The reason it works so well is that Meridian Tapping “unwinds” the stress response that sends toxic signals to your body. This tightens your muscles and also the fascia (tissue) that surrounds your muscles, ligaments, bones, and all of your organs and glands. When we release this “toxic” restriction, it allows things to settle back into their normal place and function normally.

      That’s just part of the reason Tapping is so effective and how it works to resolve physical problems.

      First: get clear on the “problem” and how your would word it. Physical parts/ Mental parts, or thoughts / and Emotional parts, frustrations, anger, etc.

      Second: Tap on whatever you perceive the “problem” to be and tap the Thoughts: ideas/beliefs, the Emotions: fears/anger/frustrations, and the Physical: symptoms/experiences, etc.

      Do the first round on the physical, if the emotional/mental components are not clear yet.
      Then FEEL your body as you tap on the physical stuff. You will become aware of how you are feeling about what you’re tapping on.

      Please let me know what you find and how I can support you with this!!
      -Dr. Kim

  4. Dr. D’Eramo: I’m going through a rough spot right now and, surprise, suddenly I got knee pain. This video helped me to recognize the anger and frustration. I was able to bring the emotions to the present and not keep them bottled in my body. I will be practicing this exercise and I’m sure I’ll feel better at the end of the day. Thank you for caring.

    • Thank you Delia! Glad you are here!


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