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How To Release Other People’s Energy

You don’t have to experience life as an “empath,” constantly taking on other people’s energy. When you witness, honor, and clear the energies that come up within YOU when you’re triggered, you become free from them.

Sometimes you just need to remind your body that it’s OK to let these go!

Then, others serve as a reminder to indicate where you’re ready to expand. When you witness what arises with COMPASSION, you’re no longer a victim to the energies around you.

YOU are the answer. You can be free!

Dr. Kim

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  1. June 18,2018

    Hi Kim,

    My wife and I are grateful for your encouraging videos and writings on Heart math and other related heart,mind and body information.

    Especially in these increasingly turbulent times we are living in now and in the future.


    Bill and Carol.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Bill. We are so happy to hear that Dr. Kim’s tools have assisted you. It’s always such a great experience when we come together in unison remembering that we are all part of a greater good.


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