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How to OPEN and RECEIVE More!

A common question that comes up often in my work is, “If my body can heal, then why do I still need supplements or medicine?” It’s not about not needing anything external. It’s about RECEIVING THAT FROM ALIGNMENT, versus searching and choosing out of fear.

Here is a story about how this happened for me!

After delivering my baby, I had my placenta encapsulated. This was so supportive for my body and I felt great. A couple of months later I ran out! “Oh no,” I thought, “what can I possibly do now?”  (Obviously I can’t create another placenta!)

I felt bummed because I had the idea that I needed something I couldn’t get.

It’s not true, so immediately this felt contracted in my body.

I instantly realized I was buying into a lie, so I LET GO and remembered: “Oh yeah, I receive all I need in Ease and Grace!” …and I stayed open to receive.

A few hours later, I met up with my friend Derek (he’s the owner of Sarvaa Superfoods, which I just love!) and out of nowhere he told me “Hey, I brought you this adrenal support supplement because I thought you might like this!”

Yahooo!! This was a total match for exactly what I needed to stay supported and healthy, IT CAME JUST AS I HAD OPENED TO RECEIVE!

This is how The Universe works.
You need to be open, release what’s blocking things, take inspired action, and allow…
…Life takes care of the rest!

Yay to Derek and me for listening and following along!

How to OPEN and RECEIVE More!

When you can release the idea of how it should look and just receive whatever feels aligned, your body can just heal.

This is the premise of this work AND is exactly what I assist people with in the Embracing Health Program.

Are you ready to receive all things with grace and ease?


P.S. There is still time to join. The first call will begin on April 3rd.



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