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How to know if you’re in your HEART or in your head

I share a lot about getting out of the mind and connecting with inner wisdom through the heart. At first, this can be confusing. I’m often asked “How do I know if what I’m listening to comes from my head or my heart? How can I tell the difference?”

The mind tends to make it complicated, however, when we’re in the space of the heart, there is ease, serenity, and clarity. We are in alignment with our true nature.

When we’re in the mind, there is doubt, fear, and uncertainty. We ruminate over past issues, old emotions, and presumed outcomes. We’re in a conclusion based on what we think, believe, or have learned, instead of being in the ease and clarity of what we KNOW.

When we make choices from the mind, we’re trying to protect ourselves, avoid the unwanted, or get what we need. The fight or flight response kicks in, and we aren’t able to make the best choices. We’re making decisions based on what we think we should be doing from our very limited perspective.

When we allow ourselves to come into a new alignment (ease, peace, or well-being; EMBRACING what is) MANY new resources are available that we previously did not access.

Releasing just a little bit of fear and judgment, (even 2% makes a difference!) we can receive greater awareness from our heart.

How will we know if we’re in the mind? When we think: “I just need to try harder and focus more,” or “What if this isn’t right for me?”, or “Am I in my heart? What if I’m wrong?” that’s the mind talking. When you’re in your HEART, there is no doubt. There is a sense of inspiration, encouragement, ease and lightness.

Relax your body now. Breathe more fully. This alone allows your body to release energies keeping you stuck in the mind! Then, it can be easy.

YOU do this part, life does the rest. It’s actually already done.

Dr. Kim



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