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How to get out of your mind and into your heart

One of the biggest ways I see people get stuck when applying MindBody Medicine is that they’re trying to use the mind to heal the body.

Tricky stuff!

It can keep you busy for years! And you still won’t really get anywhere.

That’s what happens when you try to use your mind to heal your body or create change in your life.

The mind can give us temporary relief from pain and suffering, but it can never ever really heal.

It can also come up with a gazillion challenges for you to solve.

But the mind is limited! It can never give you the infinite wisdom and abundance that’s really available!

So…where does healing come from? How do we access it?

Through the heart.

That brings up the question: How do I go beyond my mind and into my heart?

It’s pretty miraculous what’s really available for us and how much the body can do.

-(and when you try to do it yourself, you’ve got a lot of work!)

Let go of trying to heal yourself, and open to the power of your heart.

Research has shown that there are more neurological connections going from the heart to the brain, from the heart to the gut, and from the heart to all the organs of your body!!

That means your heart decides and your heart opens you to all new levels of vitality and healing.



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