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How to Get INTO Your Body and Change Your Life

Think you live in your body? Guess again! Most people spend more time with their attention outside of themselves –ruminating over the past, worrying about the future, or wondering what other people think –and haven’t developed the ability to focus their attention on what’s going on inside their own body.

This causes problems because not only are you missing out on the valuable signals your body sends you about exactly what to do for wellbeing, energy, and success…

You also lose the ability to be in control of the signals your body sends out to the world about how you should be treated, whether you should be listened to, and even things like how much you should be paid.

There are 3 Special Functions your body has that gives you the Power to generate change and create the life you want.

First, your body is a Receptor.

Your body receives tons of information from the world around you. Depending on what you are tuning into, you will pick up on certain types of information. For example, if you are buying a new car and thinking about a specific model, suddenly you become aware of that car everywhere. You notice it in the color you like, and you notice the features you have been paying attention to. You’ve simply tuned yourself into the “car channel” and your brain pays attention and alerts you with this specific type of information.

Likewise, your brain can bring any type of information to your awareness. If you want solutions for a specific problem, simply ask your brain to tune into information about the solution to your problem.

You will get clear and immediate answers to the degree that you are present in your body to receive them. You must have your attention and “feelers” on your own body in order to get clear reception and have the answers you are looking for.

Second, your body is a Transmitter.

Your body sends signals to the world around you about who you are. Your posture, tone of voice, and even your scent all reflect what you are focusing on and the quality of your attention. If you think “I’m such a loser,” your body language and chemistry change to match that transmission. If you think, “I’m amazing and I can do anything!” you transmit an entirely different signal to the world around you.

This inner transmission, thus creates your outer result. If you’ve ever told your kids to do as you say, not as you do, you understand now why that will never work. The transmission your body delivers to the world around you about who you are inside is far stronger than the content of your words. That’s why others will do just like you, even if you try to make something else happen.

Third, your body is a Transformer.

Your body has the ability to shift a bad mood to a good one, take food and transform it into fuel, and create change at any level of your life. This happens at

This puts you in charge of creating whatever you want…no matter what your current circumstances are.

For example, you have the ability to transform sadness and despair over a lost love into joy and gratitude for the opportunity for a new life. This can only occur, however, when you are present. When you feel the emotions of anger, hurt, sadness and despair and stay present as your body breathes, you will witness and experience the transformation of emotional energy in your body.

This is very important, because without being present to experience your emotions, that old energy stays stuck in your body sometimes for decades! That’s why even if something happened years ago, the pain can be as intense as if it just happened today.

Old emotions take up space, and prevent new emotions from coming in. That’s why sometimes even when you change your circumstances you find you have the same types of problems again. You simply need to feel and transform the old emotions before you can experience something new.

So, how do you get present in a way that ignites these 3 Powers and puts you in control of creating vibrant health and an awesome life?

You’ve got to:

A: Bring your AWARENESS into your body and feel your body.

B: BREATHE slowly and deeply to let your body transform the energy.

C: CHOOSE the actions and behaviors that match your desired outcome.

-When you bring your Awareness into your body (instead of focusing on stuff that happened in the past, stuff you’re worried about in the future, or on what others may think of you) you gain access to what’s really happening now!! Your body only exists in the NOW, so you will get present just by bringing your awareness into your body and feeling it.

-Breathing slowly and deeply gets you out of the fight-or-flight stress response that keeps your brain from working properly and wreaks havoc on your health. Changing your breathing puts you in a relaxed, controlled place.

-Choosing actions and behaviors from this space is easy because you’re in your “right mind” and have shifted your mood and chemistry to turn off cravings, impulses, and reactive behavior.

Use this A-B-C tool to GET PRESENT and take charge of your life. Practice it every day so you become more adept at staying in your body!!! It is the #1 most important skill you can have.



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