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How to Enter Unity Consciousness for Resilience Through Coronavirus

During this time, fear can clamp us down into tension, suck us into overwhelm, and kick us into fight-or-flight as a way to control things. However, all of this blocks us from the resource and resilience that is actually available.

When we are in fear, this chemical and electromagnetic state actually shuts down our health and dynamically blocks resources from coming in. This happens when we see ourselves as separate and powerless. The only choice we see is to “fight” the virus or struggle for what we need. When we instead embrace “unity consciousness,” everything changes. We remember we are infinite beings having a physical experience and that we are in fact connected with everyone and everything around us. This immediately sends new neurohormonal signals and creates a new electromagnetic state in our bodies that strengthen our health and allows previously unseen possibilities to show up!

If you’re ready to access this power in you, tune in today and I will show you how to access the power and resilience that is already yours!

After watching this video, here’s my question for you:

  1.  Where do you notice you’ve still been stuck trying to work things out from fear and separation?
  2. Have you experienced unity consciousness where you feel a deeper sense of self and power? What was that like?
  3. Are you ready to embrace fear and powerlessness as a way to access unity and power now?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Thanks Dr. Kim. Can you also share about the science of heart coherence. You’ve spoken about it indirectly,. I’m new to you but haven’t heard you mention it specifically. It seems to be aligned and/ or part of your approach.

  2. I also Love the clotheshanger experiment from Pam Grout’s E2. I think experiment number 2. My son did for 1st grade science project. So easy to have tangible experience of this. I did notice my son’s EMF stronger than mine so my positive at the time didn’t work as quickly as his so great feedback to strengthen my positive EMF which worked when I tested it!


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