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How to end depression and struggle

If you have struggled for years with the same illness, same patterns of depression or same anxiety, and felt powerless to make a change …

I know how you feel.

When we resist and fight ourselves, these patterns persist.

I’ve had so many clients from all over the world tell me that they’ve “tried everything” and still have the same health challenge.

One 43-year old woman with autoimmune illness told me after seeing dozens of doctors:

“I feel hopeless that this will ever really get better.”

Yup. That’s what happens when we fight illness and fight ourselves.

Science has shown that the emotions we feel about an illness, pain or injury actually prevent us from healing.

That means even if the body has the ability to heal that illness, it will keep the pattern going because of the emotions holding it in place!

(This explains why so many of my clients have spent thousands of dollars a year on supplements, only to find they’re getting worse, not better.)

If you’re feeling powerless about your illness, or depressed about your situation, the most important thing is to clear the resistance and feel those emotions.

It might seem challenging…but it is the key to allowing healing!

I know how challenging depression can be and how real the powerlessness can seem!

You DO have access to infinite power. I can support you through this.



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