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How to Detox Your Brain in Two Easy Steps

We did a MAJOR detox yesterday!!!  We de-cluttered our entire home, and we’re feeling soooo great!!!

It’s amazing how just getting rid of old stuff you don’t “love” anymore has such a refreshing affect on your physical body. I’ve recommended this to patients for years when they feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, and they’ve reported extraordinary results. Clearing out old clutter from your closet, kitchen, or car brings you a sense of relief and lightness…and it’s not just in your head! Your body responds to this de-cluttering, and you create a more harmonious physiologic environment when you get rid of old stuff.

Here’s why:
Your surroundings impact your mindset and emotional state. Everything around you –whether you can see it, or it’s buried in a storage cabinet somewhere- has an space in your subconscious mind.  That means deep down your mind knows it’s there, even if you have forgotten all about it.  In this way, it takes up residence in your brain.  You’re actually giving some of your energy to it by keeping this old stuff among your belongings.

Also, since everything is energy –our body, our stuff –whenever you remove something, it creates a vacuum for something else. That means when you’re wanting to bring something new into your experience: health, fitness, love, success….(We call these A-Plus Level Experiences,) you must release the old energy that represents the opposite of that (The B, and C Level Experiences.) Your old stuff that you don’t absolutely love represents these B and C…or even D Level Experiences.

Here’s how to do it:
Consider what you most want to bring into your life now.  (i.e. a beautiful, happy family.)   Hold this vision in your mind.  Then, as you clean out your closet, your sock drawer, your kitchen cabinet, or your car….ask yourself, “Am I as excited to have this item as I am to have (fill in the blank with your life goal)???”  If you’re not, let it go!

We donated over 30 bags of “stuff” yesterday!!! These will be of huge value to someone else; they just weren’t a fit for us any longer.  WHEW!  Bring in the new!!!

We would love to hear your questions and comments!  What would YOU like to bring in???  What are you ready to let go of in order to receive that?

Be well, give your best and Thrive!

-Dr. Kim


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  1. I completely agree. Whenever I feel like crap I get the desire to get rid of something. Even just one thing out the door or in the garbage really does help my mood.


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