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How to Create Affirmations that Heal Your Life

We all posses one of the most powerful MindBody tools that we can use – and that most of you are already using: your Inner Communication.

It’s simple, but so incredibly powerful! Your cells are listening to every statement that you affirm about yourself: your health, your wellbeing, and what’s possible in your life. No matter what you’re thinking, believing, or rehearsing, your cells are listening!

Watch the video below and then let me know – Have you tried daily affirmations? Do you have a question? I’ll be answering everything, so be sure leave a comment below.

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  1. Good information, how to I heal ” white coat syndrome ” ?

    • Hi Cindy;
      Dr. Kim will be in touch to give you all the answers you need shortly 🙂

    • This is kind of funny. I totally know what you’re talking about though.
      Let me ask you first: What’s coming up for you that you would like to heal regarding this? What are the symptoms or challenges you are having? and Why do you think this “white coat syndrome” is really happening? (For example, what ideas do you have about the doctor in the white coat that is taking your power away?

      Now, having asked that, I do have some things that can support you:
      -Get clear on what you’re making this be about. If you have the idea that something bad is going to happen at the doctor’s office, or that you’re going to let that person have power over you and not decide for yourself what’s right, both of these can raise your blood pressure and make you ill.
      -Do a MindBody tool before you go to the doctor. Become proficient with the Instant Elevation Technique, for example, then practice it while you are at the office, telling your body “You and I are in this together and I will advocate for what’s best for us.”
      -Use EFT Meridian Tapping (I have a blog video on this and how to use it for anxiety and pain, so that would be perfect) before you go to the doctors’ office. Here is the link for that post:

      Let me know more specifics. This is an interesting question to address!
      XO Love, Dr. Kim


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