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How to Change Your Body By Changing Your Genes

Previous medical understanding stated that your genes determine your health, your body shape, and even what diseases you get.

We now know, however, that you CAN shift your genetic expression by changing your relationship with your body. Learn how this woman did just that and how her body transformed!

Dr. Kim


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  1. Oh my gosh. That is so much like my story. I did EVERYTHING for my family. i thought I was amazing. My family was so proud of my super get-it-done powers. Then I got sick. Very sick. cancer sick. And my husband had no idea how to take care of me because he had never had to do it before. It was tough for a very long time. If I told him what I needed him to do for me, he thought I was criticizing him. When I finally made him realize that I can’t do everything any more and he is actually a really valuable member of the family, he started stepping up. AND….I stopped seeing myself as a sick needy person. Great video. Thanks!


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