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How NOT to Think Positively

There’s a great question that comes up a lot in my work and it pertains to the subtle difference between thinking positively versus allowing our thoughts to be as they are.

When we notice negative thoughts and try to shift to a more positive mindset, this can create work. We don’t need to control our thoughts! The easiest way to release the “negative” mindset is to “neutralize” it by just allowing ourselves to notice what we notice.

This alone activates our brain’s ability to change!

Whether we think we need to state our intentions or visualize our desired outcome, controlling our thoughts is not necessary.

The harmonious brain patterns we’re trying to create can be gained so much more easily through conscious breathing, relaxing the body, and allowing things to be as they are.

When we move away from any sort of positive/negative duality and ease into the openness of acceptance of “what is”, fluid, positive thoughts come naturally.

There isn’t a need to practice visualization or positive thinking or even the pivoting exercise I share IF we’re thinking of it as work that needs to be done. When we’re in the serenity of allowing, it’s always going to be a more fluid state. We don’t need to make it difficult work for ourselves….we can just allow. Let it all be as it is.

Yes, pivoting can be very useful! when we’re ruminating over something we don’t want, we can pivot to focus on the positive aspect, or what we DO want. Pivots are subtle but can make a MAJOR difference. All it takes a switch ~ that’s the idea of pivoting. We notice what you notice and allow something more fluid to come in.

For example, instead of thinking, “I hope I don’t lose all my money”, we could move, instead, to a thought like, “I hope that was a great investment and the outcome is fabulous!”

There isn’t truly a need to think positively. When we RELAX into the serenity of allowing, it’s always going to be a more fluid state of feeling than when we have to force ourselves to think positively.

What’s happening when we do this is the neuroplasticity in our brains is changing to offer a new pattern. This then provides more flow and brings us into a higher frequency of allowing. Being in a state of higher frequency is what opens us to so much more!

Pivoting can be as simple as letting ourselves relax and remember that we don’t have to have to have it all together or try so hard to move forward.

All we need to do is move into allowing and let the thoughts go entirely. There are no positive or negative thoughts; it’s a matter of being in fluidity with all that is. This opening automatically provides a greater state of ease, and that alone is what allows the harmony that lets the brain repattern.


Dr. Kim


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  1. This is excellent !!! such a great way to see the “negative”…….. just allow it…… giving it less power………less work……….i love this !!! thank-you so much…….. it’s a much easier way to change and progress without any judgement on self.


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