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How Acceptance Creates Physical Change

I am frequently asked about how it can be that our body physically changes just by accepting and embracing our reality.

Because we tend to think of the physical aspect of ourselves as separate from our mental or emotional selves, this can be perplexing. We are, after all, taught that we must “make it happen” and work hard to create physical change.

It’s a lie.

In fact, many people right now are working very, very hard, and seeing no significant change in their physical health, money, or relationships. For some, there is minor change, but it’s temporary. For others, there appears to be change, but they must keep working harder and harder to maintain it. This is because working at the physical level is simply not the way real change happens.

What’s true, that more of us are awakening to now, is that our physical body is an expression of the energy we are in mentally and emotionally. Here is a video where I share how and why this works!

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