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Holiday MindBody Tool to Love YOU FIRST!

If you’re feeling depleted, giving to everyone else, taking care of others, making sure things are okay, BUT you’re neglecting your body…


This means you have a short fuse with others, you don’t have enough time, energy and/or money, and you feel fatigued and depleted.

(It’s a delusion!)

Don’t operate that way this holiday season!

Make this a new year and a NEW LIFE of Joy, Freedom, and Abundant Health and Wealth!

In this video, I bring you through a MindBody exercise so YOU fill yourself FIRST.

Do this TWICE DAILY before buying gifts, taking care of others, or trying to “manage” stress!!

It will assist you in releasing all the old energy you’re ready to be free from, so 2017 is a year of fulfillment beyond anything you’ve imagined!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. I just tuned into this video and it is so powerful for me…I realized that I block receiving constantly and now I know I need to do this exercise for me daily. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love and energy.


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