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Here’s how I go smoothly through a ROUGH PATCH

People often say to me “You’re SO positive!” and it used to drive me nuts. I knew that putting on a happy face was NOT the way to greater health and abundance.

This is the lie many of us have been trying to follow.


Embracing your dark side is the smoothest way to move through despair and depression.

Here is HOW to embrace, feel, and express the darkness as a way to move more fully into the Light:

  1. EMBRACE what you’re feeling. What you resist persists. This is especially true with despair, grief, and hopelessness. It creates long bouts of depression when we make this “wrong” or “bad” or we try to overcome it.
  2. FEEL it fully! Be willing to witness what you are actually experiencing instead of brushing it off, suppressing it, or pushing it away. Take 3 breaths and witness the intensity from a space of Neutrality and appreciation. Be in awe of how intense this has been and respect this as a teacher.
  3. EXPRESS it!!! Do this in conscious ways that honor you and this energy. Scream, hit a pillow, write a long list of your woes….Dancing my despair is my favorite way to do this. It can be a beautiful experience to honor your pain.

What have been your greatest despairs? Are you ready to dance your darkness?



  1. I just want to mention that I express openly and unabashedly my negative emotions while tapping. I do this while both articulating in words the feelings I have, but also allowing myself to sink into them while I am tapping through the normal acupuncture points plus others I’ve added.

  2. I appreciate these 3 steps. Remembering that this is just a cycle in life, accepting it as a temporary state without judging yourself negatively and allowing it to just be has actually helped me to move through it with less anguish and negative self-talk. One other thing that seems simple but I’ve found is so essential is making sure to get enough sleep in general but especially during those times. Ive noticed that if I’m sleep deprived, I have much less coping ability and my thinking is more negative and harder to be rational. A lack of sleep can even trigger some of the darker episodes you are talking about.

  3. Excellent video… keep up the good work!! We all need it!!

  4. First of all I would like to thank you for everything you do, it really means a lot

    I would like to ask you for an advice for one specific situation. 3 years ago I developed eczema which eventually covered completely the skin on my arms and legs. After two years of trying everything I finally gave up and relaxed a bit. After that my situation improved drastically and I was almost eczema free for one year. Regardless of that I kept living in a fear that condition will return and tried to prevent it. And so it did. It appeared again and now it is spreading quickly.
    I discovered your work recently and it just resonated with me completely. Letting go of control is exactly what I need. The hard part is that this is not a ‘one-time-fix’. I watch your videos regularly and really started to let myself feel what I am feeling. This helps but… yesterday I let out unbelievable despair. And I was present with this for an hour. Crying all the time, i felt like something really old is coming out. After that I felt really peaceful and like I started some amazing process..
    And then today…I noticed several new eczema patches. It is spreading so quickly and although I think my reaction was a lot better than it would have been before, I still go into panic and deep fear that everything is going to return..
    My question is how do you keep on returning to the present moment without attachment to any result when you see the condition progressively worsen right before your eyes? How do you keep trusting your body?

    Thank you for being here. I am sending you lots of love,
    Ana, Croatia

    • Hi Ana. The eczema is not the problem. Your reaction and fear is.
      As you release toxins and old energies, this often expresses OUT through the skin! Do not suppress this. It’s temporary and is greatly assisting you in releasing old energies.
      This is not to be feared. As you released these old energies, then your skin assisted you. That’s not a “bad” thing as you’ve been perceiving it.
      Let your body do this work and lovingly celebrate what’s really happening here!
      Keep me posted. You are welcome to join my Radical Health program if you would like further assistance.

  5. Dr. Kim- Thanks for this enormously helpful video. It was exactly what I needed to hear, particularly growing up in a family where a person’s “dark side” was seen as a character flaw and the unspoken rule was to bury it (certainly not to embrace it). This tendency to ignore the shadow self has led to physical symptoms throughout my life.

    I once read a sentence somewhere that I believe you wrote, and it had to do with physical symptoms and an energy imbalance in the spleen. Due to recurring pain on that side of my body, if you could comment on the topic any way, it would be greatly appreciated.


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