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How to Get Your Head Together If You Flip Your Lid

Do you find that sometimes your brain goes a little haywire and you lash out at those you love, or you get so upset over something small, and don’t even know why?

I’ve got a great MindBody Prescription for you to reverse it…even while it’s still happening.

You see, you actually have separate parts of your brain. There’s your “upstairs brain” that has foresight to make responsible decisions like eating healthy and being kind to those you love. Then, there’s your “downstairs brain” where there are instinctual patterns that run the show and can do crazy things that make your life miserable.

In this video, I’ll show you a fun, quick MindBody tool to keep it together, even if you flip your lid!

Be well!
Love, Dr. Kim

P.S. Leave a comment!!! I really want to know what you think of this because when I learned this I just loved it!!


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  1. OMG – What a great explanation of flipping your lid! I love it! You are an inspiration, Dr. Kim! Thank you for explaining this over and over so we can get it on many different levels.


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