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Ever feel like you’re going backwards?

The other day I had a question from a client who had lots of anxiety coming up. She’d already resolved this and gone way beyond it…then it was “back?”

What was going on?!

I shared with her and it helped her move right through resolving this next layer that was ready to heal.

If you’ve ever had that happen, where your symptoms come back, your anxiety/depression comes back, even after you’ve worked so hard to resolve it and “get ahead”….

WATCH this video!



  1. Oh boy, just going thru this. Every time I face this (involves a family member) it gets me all cranked up, I keep releasing it, but regardless it always gets me angry.
    Then in another area, I will feel good for a bit, more often though I feel as if I have an anchor dragging me down.
    And then there is this; I will want to do something (example; have a business) and dread comes over me and I turn away from doing it, and go back to doing the things I feel safe in.

  2. Yes! This is happening to me. I had a week when I felt more at peace than I have in years or maybe ever and then today I feel anxiety and even a near panic attack. I was feeling discouraged. Thank you for explaining what is going on. I keep telling myself this is a journey.


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