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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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Ever feel like it’s hopeless?

The other day I had a client who had tried everything to heal her anxiety and illness tell me “I feel like a lost cause.”

She had hesitated to invest in working with me because she worried she’d be disappointed as she had in the past.

It made her feel heavy and despairing to think that way and instead of trying to be positive, we needed to integrate this so it no longer held her back.

When we released this old energy from her system, she felt lighter, more joyful, and free!

She actually laughed and could feel her anxiety vanish.

Energy needs to move or it creates stagnation….illness follows.

Here is a video using some EFT Tapping like what I did with her.

If you’re new to tapping, I guide you through the process. It’s one of the fastest, most profound ways to generate change…and it usually works instantly!

Post your comments below and let me know how you feel after doing the tapping!

It only takes a few minutes, and it can release years of old tension.



  1. Thank you Dr. Kim; the EFT Tapping video is very helpful. I felt a shift in my body…not sure what it means. I will try the tapping a few more times to be more aware of what I am feeling. As I was tapping the first time my mind was thinking of what is overwhelming and where I have been focusing my energies. I am looking forward to more EFT Tapping videos. I am already on your email list, just not sure if the tapping videos were extra. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Doc I do feel better. I read the book each morning and feel a little different all day. I am a little afraid to leave this spot that I know for the promise of a better place that I don’t know yet. Spooky! I will follow you. Keep charging Doc you’re doing GREAT! Don Schade


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