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EMBRACING what IS does not mean doing nothing

I had a great question in the MindBody Community the other day where a participant was confused about what it means to “embrace what is.”

How can I just sit by and do nothing when I’m so sick and things are far from okay?!

We often think embracing means just sitting by and letting things be as they are without taking action.
This can be confusing because we’re so used to reacting and fighting for what we want. We then think that to stop fighting means we do nothing.

This could not be further from the truth!

When we release fight-or-flight, we enter far greater clarity and awareness, so we can easily take the actions that make the most difference and contribute the most to us!

Try it out!

Next time you’re triggered, instead of reacting, PRESENCE YOURSELF by taking 3 deep breaths and relaxing your body.
Connect within THEN see what is called for and take that action.

I guarantee it will create a very different result.

—Embracing Health starts TOMORROW and there is space for you to join.—

-Dr. Kim




  1. Hi, I dont know what Im “Connecting within” to because my “connect within” to is still saying “to react” no matter how relaxed I am. Unless I’m so relaxed that I don’t care. Then I don’t do anything. There’s no in between with my “connect” in me. I bet a lot of people when placed in the same situation feels the same way. It’s easy to think how we’d like to think in certain situations until we are actually in them then the whole thing changes and nothing works. We can’t even remember what we said we’d do let alone come up with something new at that very moment.

    We need to know what we’re really connecting to so we can do it. And how can we override that overwhelming feeling that won’t go away? This sounds good on paper though and some people it might work for but many truly overwhelming people, no.


    • There is no right or wrong. No judgement as to what the “correct” way to be is. Try to relax into the body. Just start with deep breathing and feel into the body and out of the mind.


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