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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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One of the BIGGEST things I see keeping people stuck in lack and limitation…

-not enough HEALTH,
-not enough ENERGY,
-not enough TIME,
-not enough MONEY,
-not enough LOVE…

Is the underlying idea “I’m not enough.”

It comes in many forms:

“I’m not good enough”
“I’m not smart enough”
“I’m not thin enough”
“I’m not successful enough” …

This is just B.S.!! (a Belief System) and one you’re ready to let go of NOW!

— HERE is an EFT Tapping Sequence that will greatly assist you in releasing “not enough” and embracing Abundance, Love, Joy, Health, and Freedom!! —


-Dr. Kim

P.S. You are also invited to join me this year in the Tapping World Summit with Nick and Jessica Ortner.
I cannot recommend this highly enough!!

It’s free to participate AND you can purchase the recording for your library.

<<< HERE is the link to JOIN THE TAPPING WORLD SUMMIT!!! >>>
You will LOOOVE IT!!



  1. Thanks Kim – I continue to learn and grow from the light you shine – keep it coming!!!

    With gratitude,


  2. Loved this tapping sequence! Thank you!

  3. You are so amazing, Kim! You give so much and I just love your energy.

  4. Thank you dr Kim
    I soooooooooooo needed the
    Much love to you and your beautiful family💓

  5. Hi, please, how can I subscribe for not miss your live videos? I search all over web and cant find it hahaha please, if somebody can help me? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Elana. All you have to do is like Dr.Kim’s facebook page as well as Addicted2yoga: I will post notification about 15 minutes before she goes live as a reminder.

      She is live every Wednesday at 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

    • Hi Elana. If you join the Dr. Kim Deramo FB page or the MindBody facebook page a notice goes out every Wednesday right before the live video.

      Also, the video feeds from the Addicted2Yoga FB page so you can join that page as well.

      You can also find all past videos on YouTube under Dr.Kim’s page under MindBody TV playlist.


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