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“Earthing” to Reverse Autoimmune Illness

As we enjoy the beginning of our summer season, I want to invite you to take part in the ancient act of connecting with the ground, called “Earthing.” To experience this, all you need to do is take off your shoes and let your body connect with grass, dirt, rocks, or sand. It’s a powerful way to reset the energy in your body and a great way to assist chronic autoimmune illness.


Stress, inflammation, fear, and overwhelm cause a build-up of internal oxidation, which has a toxic effect on your cells. Science has shown this oxidative stress is reversed when you connect with the ground. The electron-rich ground contains negatively charged ions that naturally occur in the earth. Just physically connecting with the ground counteracts the stress that’s built up in the body.

Earthing, or grounding into the earth resets your energy field in a variety of ways by decreasing stress hormones, balancing your nervous system, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving sleep. There are huge bodies of research demonstrating the powerful effect this has on pain, illness, and anxiety. Inflammatory markers decrease, sensitivity to insulin increases (so this prevents and reverses Type 2 Diabetes), and the body establishes homeostasis and restores health. This has been shown to have a powerful effect on autoimmune illness, which stems from this oxidative imbalance.

Even if you take just a moment to connect, there will be an instantaneous transfer of energy that releases electrons built up in your body. How cool is that?! Because the process is cumulative, going barefoot outdoors as much as you can will assist you in establishing greater health. Take advantage of these natural grounding benefits. It’s free and available to us all!

Dr. Kim




  1. Thank you for sharing this Dr. Kim. I have heard this many times before but kind of forgot about it and thanks to your video I will be connecting to the earth today to help my body with the pain it is feeling today. I absolutely love when you share all these tools with all of us so that we can help our bodies more and more. Love you and what you do tons!!!

    Sincerely, Coralee Gall

  2. I love the idea of connecting with the earth every day. I do my yoga outdoors in the garden before breakfast when I can. But so often in the UK the weather isn’t so good – today it’s very windy and cool, and we had overnight rain so the grass was wet. I would have had very cold feet if I had stood barefoot on the grass – and this is summer! It’s far too cold to do it in winter as well. What can we do when this isn’t an option? If I put my hands on the grass will this work?

    • Yes! Any sort of body connection to the ground will work!

    • There are earthing mats and blankets that allow the same results. You can find numerous products like this (including footwear) online.


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