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Do you believe in Serendipity?

One of the tools in my bestselling book: “The MindBody Toolkit” is to “Say YES to your yesses.”
It’s all about listening to your inner “YES” to guide you toward the actions and behaviors that easily create the life you love.

When I’ve followed my inner “yes” it’s always brought me to the opportunities, resources, ease, joy, FUN…and amazing relationships that bring so much fulfillment to my life.

—Here’s what happened!—

A few months back I was inspired to participate in a collaborative book project. Sure, it made logical sense, but it wasn’t something I was planning to do or particularly vested in, but something about it just said: “Say YES!”

Through this book, I met Sylvie Olivier, an “alchemical healer” from Montreal who, along with her husband, Bernard, has supported revolutionary healing for individuals all over the world. This work is deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced in it’s ability to “transmute” old energies in the body and allow wholeness and wellbeing on every level.

As soon as I ready Sylvie’s chapter something happened in my body. I felt a power, as if the words were put on the page just for me! Every word was like delicious nurturing food to my cells. I devoured her writing, then called the editor to connect us. I had to meet this woman!

Within a short time, we were connected and became friends. We both felt we were “meant” to meet. Sylvie was so inspired by my work (and I hers!) and we decided to create a program together. Weeks later, she and Bernard had taken three flights to come to Durango, Colorado and stay with us at our home. It was Divine!

We put together an amazing retreat program, which we will be launching soon. It’s by far the most powerful work I’ve ever created, and working with Sylvie and Bernard has added dimensions to my work and my life. Such a blessing!

I am very excited to share this beautiful “serendipity with you.”

When you say YES to your yesses, Life serves you in the most amazing ways.

Are you ready to receive??

Then shout out a great big “YES!!!!!!”

(I do it all the time:)

-Dr. Kim


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  1. Please use a tripod not a selfie stick to tape the videos.
    It is disorienting watching and have the camera bob.
    You get so excited which is great; that transfers to the videos.
    Thank you


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