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Change Your Brain by Trying Something New!

I recently visited Newport, Rhode Island, with my family and had a ball! My mom and aunt are some of the most fun people I know. In their 70’s, they are the most vibrant, healthy, and happy women around, and part of this is certainly because they stay active and are willing to try new things.

In fact, trying things you haven’t done before changes your brain — and helps release old patterns.

Whether it’s an adventure, like stand-up-paddleboarding, or something simple like driving a new route home from work, trying new things disrupts old neurological pathways and creates new ones.

This has been shown to enhance health! Creating new brain patterns keeps you versatile and young.

Choose something, anything, today and go for it!

Then keep going.

If you usually wipe the counter with your right hand, use your left! If you put the phone to your left ear, use the right (although headphones are safest if it’s a cell!)

See what new things you start to experience as a result. Share what you notice!




  1. You are so so inspiring and the best!
    You light us all up with all your joy and Passion!
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Bex! Always so wonderful to hear and Dr. Kim loves all these wonderful comments.


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