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Release the Root Causes of Low Energy, Pain, and Disease

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Can You Use Your Mind to Heal Your Body?

For decades, we’ve seen evidence of it. In virtually every pharmaceutical study in history, study it has been scientifically proven. It is a fundamental law of health, but one still not relatively unnoticed by doctors…

The mind heals the body.

With the billions of dollars currently being poured into American healthcare, most of them to keep chronically ill patients from dying. Little is spent to get to the bottom of why we are currently the sickest wealthy country on the planet. Few of our healthcare dollars are dedicated to reverse the illnesses themselves, as we continue to focus on managing illness instead of reversing it.

You may wonder why this is the case. In an era where cancer has been cured by harnessing the emotional energies of joy and love, where heart disease has been reversed after embracing forgiveness, and yet millions suffer with pain, anxiety, low energy, overweight, and depression…

Why have we not given more credence to the powers of our mind to heal the body?

As a physician who has studied MindBody Medicine for decades, I have seen the immense power of the mind to heal the body. When patients come to me, they’ve typically seen dozens of doctors and searched for decades for a solution.

Not only have they spent sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on their healthcare, but they’ve lost sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings. These patients are typically devastated emotionally, feeling powerless to overcome their problem.

Their relationships have been challenged, their esteem and worthiness compromised, and often they have a sense of helplessness and hopelessness that they can ever get better.

The saddest part is that most of them have been told by a doctor: “Nothing can be done,” “You’ll need medications indefinitely,” and “You’ll just have to deal with it.”

Why are so many being kept in the dark about the possibilities that exist for healing?

Hint: It its NOT because MindBody Medicine doesn’t work!

Here’s a very typical example of a client I worked with using my MindBody system:

Amy is the mother of two, working full time in a stressful job, making decent money but struggling every day with depression, anxiety and low energy. She tried energy drinks, supplements and ate a healthy diet, but over time she had gained weight and became depressed. She hated her body, struggled in her relationship, and felt guilty asking for what she needed.

Her relationship with her kids was what suffered the most. Her daughter frequently stomped out of the room and hid out in her bedroom without speaking to her. This broke Amy’s heart, but she felt powerless to change things.

Her doctors told her she needed anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication, AND medication for her thyroid, because it was low.

Her Results After Using MindBody Healing

After using MindBody Medicine, Amy uncovered a deep sense of self-loathing, fear, and inadequacy that had been there for decades. She applied some basic tools to change her perception of herself, and her communication with her body. This immediately reversed the anxiety and depression, and Amy felt lighter, calm and uplifted.

She was also more relaxed with her kids and noticed an immediate change with her daughter. Instead of turning away, her daughter did homework in the kitchen and would approach Amy with basic social challenges. Within a couple of months her thyroid disease reversed, she lost the extra weight, and she ended a toxic relationship.

Now, her kids are thriving academically and socially, they laugh together daily, and Amy says she feels like an entirely different person. Her doctors say they have no idea how her dis-ease lifted, but Amy feels confident in her ability to manage the stresses and challenges that come her way.

This is like a miracle to people who experience this kind of transformation….but when I explain the science –the medical research- behind this kind of healing, it’s easy to realize that we’ve been limited in our perspective as physicians. We’ve all been limited in our awareness of the immense power in our bodies!!

If you have been struggling with dis-ease of any kind: anxiety, depression, pain, autoimmune disease, or just not feeling vibrant and fully alive the way you want to feel, rise up and reach out!!!

Click Here To Discover The Things Holding You Back From Healing!

I am so happy to be supporting so many in awakening to the source of vibrant health that lies within us all.

Please leave a comment below and tell me one of the following…

  • What has been your greatest struggle?
  • What are you ready to change in your life or your health?
  • What would it mean for you to embrace this desire and go for it??!
  • What are you waiting for?

Sending so much love,

-Dr. Kim



  1. First, I absolutely I love your message, Kim.
    My biggest issue is I’m having low-back pain. I also believe that every physical issues most often has an underlying mental/emotional component. With my back pain, it has really all but stopped me in my tracks. I am putting into practice your simple technique of ABC and would love to learn more.

    • HI Michelle!! I am sorry to be just seeing this now and apologize for my delayed response.
      YES, I do have suggestions for going deeper.
      I have an outstanding home-study program that helps you go deeper with this work and get fast results.

      HERE is the link for a special offer on that program:

      I would absolutely love to support you in this process, and am happy to answer questions you may have. (Will be much prompter in responding too!!)

      -Dr. Kim

  2. At age 72, widowed for 13 years, I found myself succumbing to anxiety and stress. I’d spent all my savings to repair many structural problems in my house (due to fraudulent builders); then needed to replace 2 major appliances which had quit working. I did that on credit, and over time am paying off these debts. In the meantime, my stress level escalated and was making me very anxious. After a foiled home invasion and a near dryer fire, I was even more distressed.
    I prayed a lot, researched the use of mind/body therapies and visited my physician re these problems. She had just returned after a mat leave, so I hadn’t seen her for a year. I documented my past 12 months and my physical symptoms i.e. heart palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks and skipping heart beats at times. I remarked that I used mind-body relaxation techniques to calm myself and that I was feeling some better. I asked if I needed to have some heart monitoring, but she decided that what I was doing was sufficient and nothing was prescribed. Unfortunately (predictably) I caught the flu and was very sick for almost 30 days, with only a few days of feeling well during the mid-point of that month.
    Fast forward 2 months until now, and the symptoms have abated, my mindset is positive and I no longer hold the fear that drove the anxiety. The situations remain static, but I’ve changed my perspective – further proof that what you teach works if you apply the principles and you believe!
    I’ve also found a new friend whose personality and life experiences I relate to and vice-versa..that has been so helpful. She and I will soon meet to continue the friendship on a personal basis. My son (single) lives in a basement apartment in my house and he’s been a constant source of comfort to me as well. He’s under intense stress as well, so I’m teaching him what I know about using mind/body techniques to de-stress.
    Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge in this field, and the very helpful way in which you teach us what we need to know about using our minds. You’re the best, Dr. Kim. Sincerely, Margaret

    • My goodness, love! This sounds like you’ve been through a lot.
      First of all, I apologize for my delayed response, as I’m just seeing this now.

      Second, YES, I have a very powerful way for you to tap into your body’s ability to heal yourself AND your life.
      I created a home-study course to take advantage of my MindBody tools and go deeper to get results FAST.

      HERE is a link where I’ll offer you a special rate, since I know things have been very difficult.

      Please let me know what I can do to further support you with this. I know you will see results using these when you do the exercises I put in this program.

      Blessings to you and your family, and talk soon,
      -Dr. Kim

  3. I heard your talk on Trudy Scott’s Anxiety Summit. My 8 yr old son has had GI issues throughout his life and sadly, I’ve made the correlation that these issues more often than not flare up when I myself am stressed and angry. I love my son, but he’s my third child, 12 and 10 years younger than his sisters. He was a surprise, and I can’t say it was a welcome surprise at the time. I struggled through these last 8 years to come to terms with this, sometimes I’m happy and grateful we have him, other times I get depressed or anxious, especially when his GI health issues flare up. I plan to read your book to learn more about Mind/Body techniques for myself, but do you recommend that my son use the techniques too? Do you have an approach for children that makes sense to them?

    • Hi Sue! YES. Great insight for you. See if you can release the sadness with this realization. It simply shows that children (and ALL of us!) are sensitive to energy and that our body responds to emotions.
      Good for you!
      I would love to support you and with all you are saying I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you enter into my private program.

      Your unresolved energy (emotions/ideas/beliefs, etc.) is undoubtedly causing much distress for you as well as for your son.

      I do have an excellent approach for working with kids. It’s quick and easy, BUT the greatest impact on his overall health and wellbeing will undoubtedly be the resolution you come to within yourself over his existence, your choices, and yourself.

      I will make myself available for a brief consultation if entering work with me is something that interests you.

      I know the results will be there for you.
      I can be reached at 678-602-0400.

      -Dr. Kim

  4. I believe that the mind can heal the body. I am working with my yoga instructor with this. I am struggling with gut issues and trying different diet approaches such as FODMAPS to see what helps alleviate bloating. I have Hashimotos and totally understand that the whole body is connected. I worked with so many practitioners, including holistic. I am very anxious to get in the right mindset and forget about finding answers. There are too many different opinions.

    • Hi Lynn! I apologize for the delayed response to your post.
      I greatly appreciate what you are saying about “too many different options,” and this is why I’m doing the work I’m doing.

      Yes, we can gain much from learning more and more about the body, nutrition, medications, therapies, etc, BUT this can often cause more confusion than it does integration.

      The approach I use gets you connected with your INNER WISDOM, which always makes things simpler.

      The answers are inside you, and when you connect this way, they become apparent, and the resources show up easily.

      Happy to be of service to you in getting connected and releasing the struggle.
      Please reach out if you would like to set up a brief consultation with me.

      -Dr. Kim

  5. I love the idea of this. I’m just finding it hard to implement. With two children and constant fear and stress, along with exhaustion, I can’t find a moment alone to pay attention to myself and focus. I can’t seem to find the energy to get myself on track even tho I KNOW what to do.

    • Tonya,
      First off, I’m sorry for my delayed response.
      I completely understand what it’s like when there just isn’t time or energy. Here’s what to do:

      You must S-L-O-W down your own energy and your own system in order to get a different experience.
      Your world and your life (EVERYTHING IN IT) is responding to you. When you’re going a million miles a minute (as a reaction to try to “keep up”) you just accelerate the way you experience everything coming at you.

      To change this, it’s often not feasible to meditate for an hour, take a yoga class or just have a day off. I get it!
      However, see if you can BREATHE more slowly, MOVE more slowly and SPEAK more slowly as a way to take everything easy.

      You will see a change.
      Things will seem to magically slow down, AND you will gain more energy, since you’ve turned off your “fight-or-flight” response that has been consuming most of your energy.

      Also, make a point to tune into the videos I send out. They will support you in this new mindset that has you tune IN more than tuning to what’s going on around you.

      Blessings, and let me know how it goes!!
      -Dr. Kim

  6. My greatest challenge has been a struggle with severe chronic pain and functional limitation subsequent to a 10-metre platform board diving injury in 1991…leading to bilateral sacro-iliac joint fusion, and then bilateral facet joint fusion, L4-L5, L5-S1. I was a ballet dancer and then high board diver, so the transition from being highly active and athletic to being shut-in has been a huge adjustment.

    I have always embraced and pursued a MindBody approach, which in some ways has made me harder on myself for the inability to heal and transcend my injury. (I love the quote by Dr. Mark Grant, an Australian psychiatrist who has a special interest in using EMDR for chronic pain. He says: “I do not believe in the mind body connection, they are one.”

    I have pursued every conventional and alternative modality available, and still read, network, and research constantly in search of the elusive missing link to facilitate healing. On the 20th anniversary of my injury, I shifted my approach to allow a more Buddhist interpretation toward my situation. Instead of fighting constantly for a way out of constant and severe physical pain, I accepted the possibility that my soul has chosen this path as a source of wisdom and enlightenment. Otherwise, every thwarted attempt to heal just made me feel like a failure.

    Just thought I’d share my experience…as there isn’t much out there in terms of what happens if you don’t heal and recover.

    Infinite blessings to you, Jane

    • Jane,
      Thank you so much for sharing this, and sorry about my delayed response.

      I have seen soooo many people in this type of situation, and also have myself used the MindBody to be hard on myself.
      That was before I really understood MANY things.

      Life gives us what we have in order to grow and transform us, NOT so that we are happy and comfortable.
      However, there is a way to come into harmony (and even bliss) with all that is going on. JUST like what you’re saying about your new perspective in seeing that you are NOT a failure, but that Life is giving you exactly what you need for your growth.

      I would love to support you in moving into your highest level of recovery and exploring what is available for you. The work I’ve discovered is very powerful for creating new possibilities.

      Let me know your thoughts and any support you need!!
      -Dr. Kim

  7. Is it possible to get a downloadable version of your book

  8. My biggest struggle is anxiety. I have tried tapping, yoga, meditating, and anything else I could find. I have tried taking supplements ( magnesium, vitamin B complex, vitamin D) and they seem to make me more anxious. I am so frustrated and discouraged.


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